Hey… did you know that Kyle McIntyre is no longer the Director of Education for the Chinook School Division in southwest Saskatchewan? 

Maybe if you happened to catch a glimpse of a story posted Dec. 1 by SC Online that McIntyre was done as he “…Reportedly resigns”. 

McIntyre had gone on leave and media were told that Mark Benesh, a Superintendent of Schools (according to the Chinook website, would be the acting director. 

Maybe if you were an employee there you had heard through the grapevine that McIntyre was no longer in charge. I guess that’s the way you have to find these things out. 

However, things changed Dec. 2 when SCOnline ran a clarification story which then stated that the reason for McIntyre’s resignation was retirement. The story offered an apology which lauded McIntyre’s accomplishments and noted Benesch would continue as acting director and Kathy Robson the Acting Deputy Director of Education. 


No press release on what is rather significant information which a rather important part of the educational, social and economic fabric of southwest Sask. As it states on its websites “Chinook School Division is proud to serve nearly 6,000 students in 62 schools, with over 1,000 collegial and student-centered teachers and support staff.”

Now, what does that mean to the ordinary parent of a child which goes to one of the many public or Hutterarian School in southwest Sask.?

Nothing in the sense of day to day things but the Director of Education is just that. The captain of a very big and extremely important ship. How children learn, what they learn, personnel decision, the Director of Education steers all of that. 

They Chinook Division is blessed with many talented, gifted, dedicated and tenacious staff: all the way from the teachers, teaching specialists, counsellors, principals, maintenance staff, coaches and bus drivers. The students are in good hands and many families have built strong relationships with the staff who are there. 

However, when reporter Matthew Liebenberg was told no official press release would be forthcoming that was disconcerting. After all, McIntyre was part of Chinook for 21 years. 

Not good enough. 

If someone goes on a leave of absence, privacy should be adhered to, absolutely. 

But all of this just leaves too many unanswered questions and can only cause confusion and throw a bit of unwarranted doubt. 

Sweeping under the rug the resignation or apparently the retirement of a 21 year long standing cog of the Chinook division deserves some sort of official confirmation doesn’t it? Just not talking about it and having it go away doesn’t work. 

Rumours, innenuendo and coffee shop talk are given the added boost of social media. As media, we can’t and won’t do that. But not to have any kind of official announcement or explanation from anyone there will only cause the “fake news” flames to fly. 

With the pandemic going on and teachers and everyone pushed to the limit as it is, the cloak of secrecy doesn’t help with the overall mindset.


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