My senior conservative friends and I aren’t surprised that this phony conservative, Liberal turned Reformer in Jason Kenney would deliberately try to kick out the RCMP for daring to investigate his corrupt party while we watch more and more fines being levied against their members by Elections Alberta.

None of us, including our retired RCMP friends, are dumb enough to believe his lies that it would be a lot cheaper, knowing that Ottawa contributes huge amounts to their costs for the provinces. Helping Kenney create a police state with him at the controls would be a huge mistake and we have no intention of supporting such.

While he whines about the lack of proper policing in rural Alberta, and tries to blame it on the RCMP he conveniently ignores the obvious solution to the problem. Hire more officers under the sheriff’s department that was created by former Conservatives for that very purpose. But then he has never proven he is very smart, has he?

Alan K. Spiller


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