Book provides interesting perspective: fiction or fact?

French author Jules G Verne wrote his famous novel “Voyage au centre de la Terre” aka “Journey to the Center of the Earth” in 1864 and had no idea how popular it would have become over 150 years later.

After three movies 1959, 1988, 2008 and several TV/cartoon versions, the idea has intrigued both sci-fi buffs and truthers.

Verne did pen a few other hits such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in Eighty Days, Five Weeks in a Balloon and more but this was by far his most successful. I first got interested in the movie through the 1967 Spiderman episode “Menace from the Bottom of the World” Between the idea of a whole civilization thousands of miles below with that funky San Francisco style psychedelic music in the background (some guy actually has all the old spidey tunes!), a young person’s imagination run wild.  

With the recent interest in the flat Earth, the conclusion is obviously fake news as it can be debunked empirically by climbing to a high altitude and use a visual aid to try and find the end of the Earth. Most can’t even see the next neighbourhood let alone the next town, etc. yet the Moon, which is over ¼ million miles away, is as clear as a bell?

However, I do agree that what we’ve believed the Earth to be is not the reality. Jan Lamprecht (, a South African computer scientist has given many compelling lectures as to the logistical reasons why the Earth is hollow and he is by no means the first. Canadian author Marshall B Gardner wrote his renowned book “A Journey to the Earth's Interior; or, Have the Poles Really Been Discovered” in 1920. This succeeded the work of astronomer Edmond Halley (“Halley’s Comet” named after him), physicist Isaac Newton and many more reputable scientists accepted by both the creationists and evolutionists. 

I’m not a follower of, but some of their articles are intriguing and their recent one on the subterranean civilization of Agartha is one of many cultures which has been spoken of for centuries.

There have many cave expeditions where explores find tunnels which seem to go on and on and are possible entrances to these societies

The US military have been using “Deep Underground Military Bases” (DUMBs) for decades and recently the maps which connect the country underground have been published Plus, there is much mystery about the North and South Pole.

American explorer Dr. Fredrick A. Cook claimed discovery of Bradley Land in 1908 while naval officer Robert E Peary Sr. sighted Crocker Land in 1909 both islands about 1,000 miles NW of Ellesmere Island, Canada They are not on any maps today, so were these openings at the poles now blotted out?

Early maps of Antarctica from a few centuries ago show it ice free, so chances are it was not only inhabitable but another portal. This would support Admiral Richard E Byrd’s claim of the Nazi’s UFO space program he witnessed in 1947 in “Operation High Jump” There’s just too much to even get started but someone put together a wonderful 45-minute documentary well worth watching to get started. With our planet in a historic awakening stage and the public conscious rising, I believe the time is right to reintroduce the hollow Earth concepts as they are ripe for discovery and public disclosure. The best is tet to come! 

Sky watch for the next month:  Download this month’s sky free chart at 

1Comet SOHO 342P- Monday October 18th before sunrise around 8:00 am you can catch this naked eye event. The tail should be visible for at least an hour before and with a good solar filter, you can see it after sunrise. 

2Zodiacal Light- Did you catch this last month? It’s a faint, roughly triangular, whitish glow seen in the night sky extended up from the vicinity of the sun along the ecliptic or zodiac. Best time is from Sunday, October 03rd for 2 weeks in the East before dawn.

3Orionids Meteor Shower Peaks- Wednesday, October 21st 1-2 hours before dawn just to the north of constellation Orion's bright star Betelgeuse. With the second-fastest entry velocity of the annual showers at 10-20 per hour, meteors from the Orionids produce yellow and green colors and have been known to produce an odd fireball but the near full Moon will not help.

4Draconid Meteor Shower Peaks- Friday, October 08th best seen after twilight facing NNW high up. While not as dramatic as other showers it can occasionally spew hundreds an hour. Fortunately, the waning gibbous moon will not rise until mid-to-late evening, providing a few to several hours of dark sky, starting at nightfall.

Happy Fall and cooler days!

Neel Roberts is a local astronomer in Southern Alberta and welcomes your comment at, Tel: (403) 560-6574. Check out his work at

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