The County of Forty Mile NO.8 would like to reach out and publicly relay its support of, and for the need of the HALO air ambulance program that currently services our area here in Southeast Alberta. 

Our County covers 7,283 square kilometres of slightly rolling hills and deep coulees. The County landscapes include large areas of pasture and dry cropland; extensive irrigated areas; the South Saskatchewan river valley; Red Rock Natural Area; the Milk River valley; Kennedy Coulee Ecological Reserve; and environmentally significant and sensitive areas.

The availability of the HALO Air Ambulance improves response time to trauma victims in remote or inaccessible areas and increases the coverage area for delivering qualitative medical care.

That remoteness of our region within the County of Forty Mile and surrounding area, the lack of landing strips, and the limited availability of other emergency air ambulance helicopters is the reason HALO is so crucial to our County residents. Since its inception in July 2007 HALO has flown many missions within our County and surrounding areas, where timing has been critical for patient care and well-being.

It has been proven that HALO can currently service all of Southern Alberta, from their home base in Medicine Hat, with a faster response time than other air ambulance services. They can provide a direct flight to the Calgary Foothills hospital in less time than other air ambulance services can, and can do so without stopping to refuel. While providing this service, this allows other air ambulance helicopters such as Stars "to stay in service" for their own immediate area, while the patient is being transported to hospital.

Imagine being a first responder on a scene where minutes determine whether a person lives or dies. First responders face these situations frequently, but currently have the support of the HALOAlS (Advance life Support) helicopter and crew. Without this resource volunteer firefighters will be left feeling helpless and possibly left with the life long question, could I have done more to save their life. Why should our volunteers have to carry that burden when HALO air ambulance can be on scene? Why should the families have to take on that burden? HALO air ambulance can and does support our responders making the outcomes much more successful. Removing HALO doesn't just affect one person, it can affect us all.

To our current Government.. ....please consider the lives of All Albertans, when considering funding for any Air Ambulances in our province, HALO included . HALO is "In flight for your life" , and every life is equal no matter where you live . To have to rely on stakeholder donations alone to provide this lifesaving service is an injustice to anyone living within the HALO service boundaries. It is time the Governments of Alberta and Canada realizes that this vital service HALO provides to Southern Alberta is an essential service and fully commits to providing long term sustainable funding into the future.

In patient care, if time is really of the Southern Alberta, HALO is the only answer.

We plead that you Please contact the following to express your concerns and support for HALO.

Premier Jason Kenney: Edmonton Office: 780-427 -2251; Constituency Office: 403-238-1212;

Health Minister Tyler Shandro: Edmonton Office: 780-427-3665; Constituency Office: 403-640-1363;

Grant Hunter, MLA Taber-Warner: Edmonton Office: 780-427-0240; Constituency Office: 403-223 -0001;

Drew Barnes, MLA Cypress-Medicine Hat: Edmonton Office: 780-427-6662; Constituency Office: 403-528-2278;

Michaela Glasgo, MLA: Brooks-Medicine Hat: Edmonton Office: 780-638-3022; Constituency Office: 587 -270-5110;

Nate Horner, MLA: Drumheller-Stettler: Edmonton Office: 780-643-2993; Constituency Office: 587-774-0306;

Joseph Schow, MLA: Cardston-Siksika (Vauxhall area): Edmonton Office: 780-638-1158; Constituency Office: 403-653-5070.

Steven Wikkerink

Reeve, County of Forty Mile No.8

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