I am a mother and more importantly a Grandmother. I am considering the impact of climate inaction on the lives of my grandchildren and great grandchildren, in the years to come.

Canada has missed every greenhouse gas target it has set. Canada’s Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act (Bill C-12) is an important tool to ensure we can hold current and future governments to account and put an end to empty promises on climate action.

MPs and senators have a distinct opportunity to make history by passing this critical climate-accountability legislation in this make-it-or-break-it decade for climate action. We have no time to waste.

The climate emergency is upon us, but so are the solutions if we act with boldness, ambition and urgency. This time, it’s up to our MPs and senators to demonstrate their climate ambition with tangible action.

The destructive impact of climate inaction, for my grandchildren and great grandchildren is regrettable. Loss of habitat has an undesirable and immeasurable impact on a broad base of eco systems and biodiversity across this land and around the world. Mass extinction of insects, including pollinators such as bees, extinction of birds and other wildlife is reprehensible.

Elizabeth Aitken, Medicine Hat

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