As the painful, thoughtless, ill conceived refugee crisis plunges deeper and deeper into an expensive black hole that the Liberals cannot in any way rationalize, everyone suffers the consequences.

Trudeau seems predictably unaware of his fallibility and scoffs at reality.
Provinces continue to struggle, burdened by his paradoxical excuses as he desperately downloads his self made problems on them.
The answer is so simple, and it denies the refugees nothing. In fact it would work better for everyone suffering from the existing dog and pony show.
Every refugee could and should, report to existing entry points that are manned by border security personnel.
Once cleared, they should go to pre-arranged holding centres with sufficent trained persons to house and process them further as fast as possible.
The entire cost should be shouldered by the federal government. The dysfunctional Liberals continue to suppress any reasonable efforts to correct their errors with a domineering vengeance; on many blatantly doable tasks.
 The present, deplorable “non-system” is unnecessarily taxing understaffed, unprepared, underfunded provinces and allowing a few refugees to slip through undetected and some to nearly freeze to  death in the wilderness.
Many of the not now processed 56,000 could qualify for work permits and be self-supporting and paying back to Canada except for the more than 24 month back log that grows higher each day.
That, in turn forces the back-logged system to pay for housing, medical, dental, legal and welfare expenses far beyond what is reasonable!
As if the aforementioned wasn’t problem enough, the Liberals have turned a blind eye to the self-regulating, dysfunctional council for immigration consultants.
Fraud, forgery and human rights violations abound for thousands of immigrants.
Why isn’t the government controlling these problems with an independent review board?
A perfect example, is the case of Sun (Sunny) Wang.
Convicted of fraud and tax evasion and sentenced to seven years in jail.
He was released after serving only a third of his sentence. More than 1,000 of his past clients our still suffering terribly, caught up in his fraudulent, greedy, thoughtless mis-representation of them.
Why is this man not in jail?
Trudeau’s repetitious, counterintuitive, egotistical illusions, spurred on by his self righteousness are well beyond my comprehension. He has even created an expensive, special menu for refugees.
No thought of the five  million Canadians or over 1 million Canadian children living under the poverty line!
His complacency also ignores the intrinsic fact the one in six Canadians are so inundated with debt that they can’t even afford proper dental care.
This is well beyond his comprehension, as high-lighted by his out of control deficit imposed on several generations of Canadians.
Undaunted, Trudeau seems still inclined to focus on maintaining his self made adversity on the refugee debacle.
He defiles an easily understandable retaliation from provinces, the judicial system and municipal authorities wearing his downloaded problems and expense.
A more gutless, stupid mess would normally be difficult to comprehend if it wasn’t paled by his ridiculous carbon tax program.

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