I have grown weary of the nebulous, deceitful responses to important questions posed to our federal government.

Answering with vague, repetitive, farcical canned rants doesn’t cut it for me any longer. Answering a question with a question or proclamation about an unrelated topic makes my blood boil! Paying their friends to repeatedly study important issues so they don’t have to deal with them should be outlawed. Traveling the country, meeting with the party faithful to get answers they already know while drumming up votes should be denunciated with vigour. 
All of the aforementioned quickly leads to a much deserved uproar from the opposition benches turning question period into a repugnant revulsion.
The Speaker should have the power to “DEMAND” proper, logical answers. He should also warn the bombastic interrupters to cease, and follow up any repeat offences with a quick expulsion from the house for 10 days and a $1,000 fine. That said, let me pose just a few questions that deserve some real answers:
1. Why did the Liberals buy a $4.5 billion pipeline for several times its actual appraised value and bride two major XL executives $1.5 million each as a bonus?  And what about their ability to get product from the end point  to ships if a separate company holds the rights to the critical pumping station linking the two? Will that company hold the new pipe line owners at ransom to move their product? Who dropped the ball on this one?
2. How much interest on the deficit for the $4.5 billion to buy the existing pipeline and $8 billion more to build a new one cost taxpayers? My hand calculator says about an additional half billion annually!
3. Why is the Deputy Parliamentary Officer concerned that $7 billion in new spending can be spent any way the Liberals wish without the normal parliament scrutiny? Ah shucks, like, its only $7 billion dollars so why should we be concerned?
4. Canada’s home grown technology firms are asking why the Liberal government signed a $500 million contract with IBM that could balloon to $800 million without bids? Did they do it only because they could? Certainly not because of how badly the deal with IBM for the Phoenix farce turned out.
5. If the Liberals claim the billions of dollars they added to the ballooning deficit were to kick start the Canadian economy why has it slowed to barely more than 1%? Why are half of so called new jobs government hirings? Why are billions of dollars of potential investment  avoiding Canada?
6.Why are Liberals blundering ahead with a legal pot program when they are light years away from a proper plan to deal with the multitude of problems it will bring? If the Liberals would pull their heads out of the sand and look at what is happening where pot is already legal, even they would be ashamed.
The legal pot program in Colorado is an unmitigated disaster.
Their efforts to squeeze out black market dealers is a dour failure. Black market sales, spurred on by criminal activity, even from Mexico and Cuba, are booming! Law enforcement is overwhelmed as criminals grow and smuggle pot for huge profits to the states where it is outlawed.
No one can sort out the criminals from the legal grow ops. Law enforcement personnel have only raided eight criminal operations, so far this year, but seized over $1.5 million of product. Houses are being trashed, noise levels have skyrocketed, and electrical grids tapped into by less than safe or legal methods.
Criminals are easily under cutting  government prices. Wow, look we can look forward to, thanks to those running our federal government.

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