Every four years Canadian politicians indulge in a Spin to Win contest. Each party, enters into a bidding contest to buy our votes with our money. 

And we let them get away with it. Their revelations and transgressions are mind bending. Billions upon billions of our dollars for predestined absurd projects that are seldom delivered by money we can’t afford.

Seldom an iota  of any explicit specifics or where the financing will come from, but an abundance of deceitful, vague, feel good inspirations we struggle to fathom. Each, either out bids the other, or reassures us there are only false attributes to any given idea, claiming it is only a hindrance we neither need nor can afford. 

Voters must ignore the fog and scheming and focus solely on the truth and the facts. Simply; should they re-elect the incumbents, or give another party a chance to hopefully do better. And if another, to anticipate which one. There is no room for complacency. Four years is a very long time before we can exert our right once again to be, hopefully. gratified by someone new, or endure the existing Liberals, even with their short-comings.

Thus, firstly, we must examine the existing situation. It is obvious that the Liberals’ “Sunny Ways”promise has been a dismal failure. They mis-led us on their no deficit promise and ignored their promise to provide a fairer election process. They massacred the rule of law so important to our democracy. They demonstrated a pitiful knack with patronage appointments rewarding their friends to their independent Senate and every other important position. They brutally punished anyone who showed even a nuance of retaliation. Their apathy toward any decent reconciliation only provoked more negative reactions to their dictatorship. No earnest commitment to diligence or dignity ultimately led to  alienation by five provinces and the Territories.  Hard not to believe anyone else could not do better.

So typical of the Liberal masters of manipulation, they chose an ex Ontario Liberal minister to study and provide information for their ply to bribe us with an all inclusive Pharmacare plot to get re-elected. The plan at $15 billion a year would be impossible to pay for; unless it’s added to their already out of control deficit. Further, this falls under provincial jurisdictions, not federal.  Also, the present issue of dolling out per capita unequal amounts for health care and equalization is wrong. It is being used to buy votes and encourages some provinces to cook their books to milk the system.

 To give everyone the same deal is ever more preposterous and would double the anti to $32 billion per year. Lastly, the country of Quebec would never relinquish their program. A perfect example of how out of touch the Liberals are with reality. A realistic start would be an agreement to bulk purchase our drugs, thus reducing overall costs by billions of dollars for everyone.

The Liberals passion for saving the world by reducing Canada’s already only 1.5 percent of the world’s pollution has been a disaster they stubbornly cling to. They have only managed to infuriate most Canadians with a plan that is a drop in the bucket toward accomplishing what is really required. And if they up the anti to get that done, the price will doom them even more. There are so many reasonable ways to reduce our pollution but the Liberals have senselessly vetoed them. They just won’t admit their folly, which is nothing short of insane. Especially as the worlds major offenders carry on unchallenged, thus making a farce of the entire program.

Please consider the facts carefully before you go to the polls in October.

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