All governments must be compelled to be accountable for their disasters.

Politicians are notorious for blaming their problems on the government they replaced.

On the other hand; too often, they are harnessed with a mess to mop up.

From municipal to to federal and in between each spews reproach on the other for their problems. No one raises taxes needed to fix them for fear of not getting elected. The Trudeau Liberals took this a step further creating a massive deficit while doing little to resolve even basic ones.

I note the Liberals continue to vigorously and repeatedly screw veterans. So badly, that they now are facing four class action law suits. After more than three years, they should stop blaming the Conservatives, and take ownership for their lack of action.

One issue, the bungled calculations from eight years ago that hid $165,000 entitlements from 272,000 vets should have received immediate attention. The Liberal response was to delay it until 2020! 170,000 vets have since passed on and even more will before 2020. Their lies that estates will receive the entitlement are just that with no way to locate the recipients.

After three adjustments, the latest federal plan, according to the Parliamentary Budget officer; really screws severely wounded veterans. The initial systems budget was  $50 billion. The Conservative version cut that to $29 billion. The Liberals then raised that version by a paltry $3 billion. To top it off, the system is so complicated, it is worse than the Income Tax Act to use. Given the aforementioned, one could readily assume that they are out to fleece the vets. So add goodbye for vets’ votes to the already lost indigenous ones.

The patronage-appointed Senate Ethics officer is behaving like a good Liberal. Sitting on a annual budget of $1.2 million and getting a daily stipend of $800, he hasn’t published anything in 18 months. Several glaring issues from red chamber members should have been resolved long ago.

Vigilance, zero. Obligation, huge!

The same terrible treatment emitted from the P.M.’s office in the Jody Wilson-Raybould affair has raised its ugly head regarding former ambassador to Israel Vivian Bercovici. Trudeau had the right to fire her, but what happened after was typical Butts and company. Put downs, domination, lack of compassion, abuse of power and harassment are now alleged in her lawsuit. $32,000 for pension benefits deliberately withheld. She is also suing for millions of dollars for punitive and moral damages. I sincerely doubt that the Liberal carnage will ever end as we continue to witness even more detrimental happenings by the nit wits in charge.

In closing, one other shameful negligence by our Federal Government and other politicians in our capital city Ottawa. Chronically homeless families rose by 143% to 230.  In the last year, the city signed agreements with six more hotels and motels, paying an average of $3,000 per family per month. Its budget is overspent by nearly $6 million. The total cost for the homeless in 2018 neared $80 million. The money could be better spent on rent but there is nothing to rent. Many families are there, having illegally crossed into Canada due to Trudeau’s farce on immigration. It would cost $2 billion just to clear up Ottawa’s affordable housing issues.

So what if we dared to look at the morose situation Canada wide? Add to that,1.3 million  children living in poverty. Food banks 550 and food programs 3,000.

Trudeau continues to dwell in the trivial, while suppressing what really counts. Good conscience, no; diligence, no.

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