Normally aspects of our lives we  normally take for granted… they aren’t so simple anymore.

   Sadly, for many of us, a combination of financial, personal and professional issues are something which are everyday issues. 

   The current pandemic has accentuated every day issues and maximized them as the pandemic has forced us to appreciate the bare necessities. 

   How do I leave the kids at home… we really need groceries. Can I even afford groceries?

   Will I have a job when this is over?

   My (spouse) is acting (difficult). Never really knew him/her.

   Wish I could visit my parents. Miss them.

   Very basic things are no longer basic. 

   The news is filled every day with prominent chief health officers, politicians or experts explaining the latest developments of not only the COVID-19 virus but of all of the economic implications that it has caused and will affect things in the future. Throw in what seems to be even more news like killer hornets in B.C.; flooding in Fort McMurray Alberta, the scrutinizing of governments going into severe debt to keep things afloat and then discussion what is news, what is real news, what is fake news and what is media.

   There is a lot of initial disappointment, confusion of the present, uncertainty of the future and frustration/impatience out there and this has led to feelings of outright rage and utter despair. 

   Whether there is truth, half truths or plain paranoia, government moves are being scrutinized to the max on social media and elsewhere people have seen with not only the re-opening of businesses such as the meat packing plant in High River, the status quo at the meat plant in Brooks despite the fact numbers were heading to 1,000 of those infected and the gradual re-opening of Saskatchewan businesses in this COVID-19 era. 

   Some hated the idea. Some loved it. Some hated it took so long. No blasé response or opinion on any of these.    Our emotions have been taxed to the maximum has we are living in an unprecedented time.

   For highly intuitive and sensitive people, the current status quo is especially difficult as almost everyone is scared, worried, angry or at the very least, annoyed. 

   Ironically, May 4-May 10 is Mental Health Week in Canada. 

   “So what?” one may ask. 

   The theme of Mental Week is #GetReal. #GetLoud Those who have never talked about, understood or even respected the importance of mental health need to appreciate its importance now. It isn’t “mumbo jumbo”, “crazy head stuff”. Having varying degrees of negative and uncomfortable feelings doesn’t make you a wimp or weak.

   Just for fun, and if one is as tough and secure with themselves as they think: visit

   If none of it makes you think or self examine that you could improve an aspect you have towards yourself or doing unto others… congratulations. 

   Feel fortunate that everything is solid in your world.

   Just remember as this phrase has become more prevalent recently: remember we are all in different boats but we are in the same storm. 

   For the rest of the population, read up.  

   Do what you need to including reaching out. 

   Take the first step. 

   It will take you out of your comfortable uncomfortable zone and it may be difficult and challenging for a while… you deserve better.

Please visit: https:/ 

Ryan Dahlman is managing editor of Prairie Post East and Prairie Post West

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