Just as I was about to write this, the federal Liberals, totally void of any remorsefulness, announced that a whitewashed Gerald Butts was back in the fold. I’ve maintained all along that Butts has never left the scene. I make that observation due to the Liberals continued devious, irrational hogwash that has never missed a beat. Thats the Butts program and he is still running the show for our clueless Prime Minister. Be prepared to be enmeshed and hoodwinked in more brazen,” my way or the highway” tactics and lame attempts to whitewash one mess after another.

Neither Butts, Trudeau or most of their ministers should be in charge of anything. Their broken, patronage appointed mis-directed bureaucracy lurches from one expensive disaster to the next. And we pay for every unacceptable mistake.

Item 1. Yet another Ontario First Nation has declared a state of emergency over their terrible water system. The Liberals hire their friends to study the problem, but nothing ever gets done to rectify it.

Item 2. With great fanfare, the Liberals introduced new air passenger regulations to curb the ongoing, horrible abuse  by airlines. It was simply a re-hash of the useless existing program In reality it might be worse! In fact this, like most Liberal  programs, just another ill planned mess. And like their other programs it will be challenged by both the airlines and the rights activists. The airlines will continue to use the same excuses like unavoidable weather or unforeseen mechanical issues to nullify most of the claims. 

Item 3.  Trudeau’s constant babble about his great relations with the man child President; Trump is wearing very thin for those of us in touch with reality. Trump will do nothing to bail him out from his self imposed China problem. Trump has now issued Buy America rules at 75% that will trash Canadian steel producers. Trudeau will follow his well established  response for trying to patch up his screw ups by throwing more of our dollars at the businesses suffering from his mismanagement.

Item 4. Another perfect example; nearly $1 billion to settle a class action lawsuit by Canadian Armed Forces members who were and continue to be sexually harassed. Everything Trudeau fails to fix or trashes must be bought out with our money.

Item 5. Trudeau’s government repeatedly gets caught for offering help to our most needy while creating application forms that are so complicated that they have little hope of applying!  Their child benefit forms are finally being improved after thousands of eligible applicants who are informal caregivers were unable to apply.  The same tactics were used on armed forces applicants who were desperate for assistance. Is this deliberate or just utter stupidity?

Item 6. the Liberal bureaucracy is so dysfunctional;  they spent about $95 thousand to date to hire ushers to hold the doors open at the Senate, wait for it ….. because they didn’t install enough auto door openers!

7. Not to be outdone; Parks Canada just blew $65 thousand to build a fence on Signal Hill in St. Johns, Newfoundland. The idea was so bad, local citizens transcended into outright rebellion.  One week after it was completed, it is now being taken down. No info yet on the cost for that.

In no way can Canadians afford four more years of this.

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