Some issues deserve to be given more exposure than others. I am about to name several that should be of considerable interest to you.

1. (a) The Liberal federal government is, by its own hand, experiencing “death by a thousand cuts.” They still sheepishly continue to denny their obvious efforts to flaunt Canada’s most precious rule of law. Every week more truths expose them to their malicious actions. They continue to use desperate tactics to block the truth. It appears they are considering using their majority to attempt to further make laws allowing for the convicted to to lose no biding time. 

(b) SCL’s top brass have now grown tied of being part in the mess and have come forward loudly stating that they never gave anyone the 9,000 job figure cooked up by the Liberals to try to gain a hint of sympathy for their dirty deeds.They also stated that they never threatened to leave Canada and are tied in by contracts for many years. They confirmed that, regardless, provincial bidding is not effected and their gigantic corporation can finds jobs throughout the world any time.  

(c) Still, the inevitable Liberal meddling and conniving continues and it appears like Butts is still running the show from the shadows. That spurred a further response from Jody W.B. that she will provide a written response to the Liberal Trudeau Tyranny controlled Justice Committee, which shut down behind closed doors hoping the issue would go away. The flabbergasted, vigilant opposition went on a 30 hour marathon of questions on the illogical budget, drowning the Finance Minister’s attempt to use it to steer away from the SCL issue.

(d) At the same time, MacLeans magazine ran an interview article with Liberal Minister Jane Phillpott and she revealed that there was much more of the truth to be revealed! Canadian’s obsession with the real issue blossomed even further.

(e)Liberal back bencher, Selena Seaser Chavannes, then stated that she was so disgusted with Trudeau that she would now sit as an independent!

(f) Obviously, “You can tell a Liberal, but you can’t tell them much.” They then astounded everyone by appointing Liberal fund raising hack, Anne McClennan, to study the need for improvements in the judicial process in yet another effort to move away from their scandal. Another dumb move by the bumbling idiots. 

(g) The terribly handled mess then necessitated another cabinet shuffle by the “Lost Pup” called Trudeau while his cabinet remained mired in mass confusion.

(h) China, turned even angrier, cancelling all Canadian canola shipments, amounting to 40% of the total or $4.2 billion. Trudeau’s answer to all of that was to say that Jody and Jane could speak freely in the House of Commons. He said that, full knowing that his appointed speaker has the power to only allow one minute to speak! At this point, let me quote an appropriate take on this from Exodus 23:8: “Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds those who see and twists the words of the righteous.”

(i) Trudeau’s, $22 billion budget, added to our deficit in the year 2019 when he promised to “BALANCE” the budget.  His answer to that, in his guilt-laden ravings; “We might get it right by 2040!” The deficit should continue to rise to $127 billion by 2023! I No thought of one or more down-turns blowing his “pie in the sky” estimates to hell and back during that time. Canada’s main stock index just endured its worst day in 2019 on March 22nd!  

The business Council of Canada predicts business growth to be under 2% for five years. Trudeau’s answer; Nothing to reduce business taxes. Nothing to reduce over regulation or modernize the outdated unnecessarily complicated income tax system that has driven away tens of billions of dollars worth of investment and tens of thousands of jobs. Only tiny amounts of money sprinkled almost everywhere in an effort to get re-elected. That only means more jobs for his friends in Quebec to create complicated paper work to grant hand outs!

Are you angry? You damn will better be!

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