First, our Canadian queens and kings. 

Patronage appointed, without real purpose, falsely labeled as meritorious and with preeminence, they continue to haunt us and blast through our tax paid dollars. The odd Governor General gives the whole farce his or her best shot at pretending they really matter. They come from well paid jobs before they enter the charade and go to well paid jobs or appointments after.

After 4 or 5 years living the high life, and getting paid almost $300,000 a year salary, plus much more in perks, totalling over $50 million, they get guaranteed pensions for ”LIFE” amounting to about $150,000 a year for their part of screwing the system!

  Our queen of all queens, Adrienne Clarkson, remains adamant that on top of all that, she is totally justified to sock it to taxpayers for an uncapped amount of over $1,000,000 since she left office.  And just for for doing a few very lavish, meaningless, tours! I don’t believe she ever thanked us for receiving a totally unnecessary $3,000,000 of our dollars to start her own charity as she left office, either!

Apparently Trudeau, the professional of entitlements, feels this program fits right in with his  “Happy Days” outlook on life. I believe it is high time that we do away with both the Liberals and their G.G. farce. The provinces could then relinquish  their Lt. Governors as well from their outdated, frivolous transgressions.

I am sure that the Canadian vets who now have 29,000 applications for disabilities not processed would be very receptive to my suggestions. So would the 850,000  Canadians relying on food banks to reduce their misery. Vulnerable Canadian children who can’t access Trudeau’s Canada Child Benefit due to far too much bureaucracy are  having up to $541 per child per month stolen from them. They too could use some of the mis-spent dollars.

Thousands of Canadians who have suffered from Trudeau’s out of control Canada Revenue Agency that took about one billion dollars from them using heavy handed, complicated, time limited tactics would gladly join me in protest. Especially since the Liberal’s quietly wrote off over one billion dollars, plus interest to their Chrysler friends.

In retrospect, the Liberal obsession with their flawed carbon tax scheme has gone from the ridiculous to neurotic nonsense.  Adding to the monstrosities imposed on us, is a get elected bribe for varying amounts for some provinces. That while others who got fleeced are confused about getting nothing.

 Through some miracle, the Trudeau claims he can take money from us, run it through his out of control, expensive bureaucracy and give us back “MORE” than the took! He  believes that some of us can be tricked into a greedy acceptance of his sham. While doing that, he gropingly believes we won’t notice that  thousands of jobs and 30 billion dollars of business will go elsewhere, where the dreaded tax doesn’t exist.

Liberals want us to ignore the fact that that dirty oil that Eastern Canadians absorb because they don’t want a pipeline is somehow O.K. as it passes through the St. Lawrence seaway. They want us to ignore the fact that over 300 ships carrying LNG through the treacherous waters off the B.C. coast are fine but a pipeline is not. They want us to forget that some big business, where votes count for them won’t be taxed at all! They want us to ignore that the U.S.A , China, Russia, India and almost all other countries in the world will abstain from any mitigated action to ward off climate change.

Let us be eloquently clear that we will not inadvertently condone or be appeased by this oppression by Trudeau and his friends. If he continues to flaunt his irreconcilable hindrances on us, we hold the end all, do all trump card: “SEPARATION”!   


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