This has been a historical time of social, economic and political upheaval that no one has been immune from in generations. 

It has mostly been ugly. 

There has been extreme examples of greed, selfishness and opportunism as groceries and certain paper products have been flying off shelves in extreme numbers as those people are either self-hoarding or finding a way to resell the good they purchased for a higher price. Some are just flat out stealing. 

Those who have mental illness are finding it even more challenging to cope with the emotional strain on a variety of levels caused by this pandemic. How do they cope; schools provided an escape from perhaps some difficulties at home (lack of food; lack of care, abuse). Adults are losing their jobs.

A lot of societal recreational escapes are gone with sports, organized activities and events all halted. Restaurants (other than take out) and bars are even closed.

While it has been a terribly painful life adjustment for many who can’t find childcare for their children who are now shut out of school. What are families supposed to do financially, time-wise? 

It is all extremely overwhelming as we have settled 

Stop. Breathe. 

No sugar coating a difficult situation. And while it would be glib to say that this was inevitable or “it is all for the best somehow”. It is painful to listen to the whiny prognosticators who are experts on absolutely everything  tell us this is a correction on society and the world much like stock brokers call stock market crashes “market corrections”.

All we can do is control on how we react to the situation no matter how difficult it is. 

Clear mind. Even-keeled thinking to whatever problem or issue one has is better than 

Maybe it will hurt, be painful in many respects but we somehow need to find a way through. Find inner strength, creative thinking because there’s no other choice. There isn’t. 

Maybe years from now, we will look back on March and find the changes we had to make, worked out for the best or perhaps we made some not so prudent choices. Regardless of the direction we can say “hindsight being 2020…”

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