Should we be filled with a plethora of enthusiasm or ambiguity?

Will we see retribution from our federal government for their abandonment of the West?

Will the West continue to languish to a point of being predestined toward  separation?

Will the scenario of anguish and ambience toward Trudeau’s failure to intercede and his ridiculous anemic efforts; turn to weak diligence and retribution as the election nears?

I’ll bet there is no chance in hell of anything decent from Trudeau because there is no way he can win a seat here, so he will play to his friends down East at our expense as usual!

Will Ottawa continue to blow deadlines for First Nations claims in 2019? Again, I’ll bet they will as they treat them the same as Western Canada. Trudeau has missed the three-year deadline on 65% if claims worth billions of dollars, although the Specific  Claims Tribunal Act required action. Weak rhetoric and broken promises is a Liberal specialty usually blamed on system problems with systems they created.

Trudeau broke his promise for $2.6 billion for First Nations Education made over 2 years ago. I believe he thinks that the 600 First Nations, like Western Canada won’t count in the next election. I sincerely hope every one of voting age shows up to punish him for his lack of remorse and compassion and grievous denial of First Nation’s rights.

I doubt most disgruntled Canadians will forgive Justin for his unrelenting, reluctant, arrogate mis-handling of the immigrant and refugee programs. He ignored the dubious and even illicit practices in Quebec that allowed the outright purchase of Canadian citizenships! Fake documents and accepted facts for fake fortunes of $2 million or more often obtained by ill-gotten gains were standard for thousands of applicants. About 85% of the winners from the Quebec cash grab scam quickly moved on to B.C. and Ontario.

Unbelievably, over $1 billion dollars was mostly wasted over the last three years caused by a drastic backlog that allowed border crashers to enjoy the good life for years; that many Canadians can only dream of. Has Trudeau’s vague, often flaunted, less than virtuous plan without a plan finally created enough animosity  to alienate more than half of Canadian voters. I think so.  

Will voters be solicitous enough about the Liberal’s Infrastructure Bank scheme being tapped for over $11million with only a single project to show, finally help punish the Liberals in the next election? I believe that this useless mess will wake up Canadians. 

Meanwhile I believe Alberta will buy 7,000 oil tanker cars for about $135,000 each, or rent them for $1,200 per month. Locomotives to pull up to a limit of 200 per train could be arranged. The railways have capacity and would be glad to get their $400 to $750 per month service fees.  Moving cars holding 700, 42 gallon barrels of oil each, would allow  shipping 120,000 barrels per day. In turn, that would allow 30% more crude; generating an additional $1 million per day. At that rate Alberta would own them in three years. The problem is that it will probably take three years to get this going.

Dare I wish Canadians a “Happy New Year?”  It could be; if we get off our often irritated, but tolerant butts and head for the polling stations!

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