THE MELEE IN MALI: Prime Minsiter Justin Trudeau’s contrived, intuitive pipe dream to possibly snag a seat on the dysfunctional U.N. Security Council is shameful! He has sent Canadian troops into the out of control area of Mali.


Hundreds of U.N. troops have been slaughtered and no area is safe. His lame excuse that our troops are “just” there as support for those being slaughtered is audacious and lacking discernment.
Even their base to be used as a launching site is not secure and will be used as target practice by bad guys with mortars, hand grenades and machine guns. Any one of the hundreds of hand-held rocket launchers supplied by Iran, will easily blow them out of the sky! Any survivors of the crash will be slain by the terrorists. Any further flights to rescue the initial disaster victims will meet the same fate. I believe Mr. Trudeau should be along as an observer on each of the first 10 flights. If he somehow survives, he will have a much clearer understanding of the problem he has created entering into an no-win war.
THE NON-PAUDITS OF POT:  The plan for pot has been rushed out by the Liberals and is headed for dozens of problems that only lawyers could appreciate! Training, equipment and laws have more predicted set-backs than well rounded Swiss cheese.
Who will enforce the only four plants per household? What legal grounds will they have to to it? What will the penalties be? Checking the homes of 38 million Canadians will be quite a challenge!
What will the costs be for increased enforcement, the judicial system, healthcare, welfare, and loss of productivity? As an example, every municipality in Canada will have to re-zone for pot outlets!
Sadly, it appears that all of this and more has been downloaded on everyone, but the federal government.
SURREPTITIOUS MIS-MANAGED AID FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS: Keeping thousands of asylum seekers in hotels in the Toronto area is expensive, only because Trudeau has no proper plan. At a well under estimated $7,500 per person per month for just 450 of them, the cost will be over $3 million a month. It this goes on for two years while they await their call for processing that works out to $72 million.Thus, the cost for all 56,000 back-logged in the system is going to be mind boggling! 
No plan, just dump the unnecessary mess on the Canadian taxpayers. Ignore the fact that thousands of homeless Canadians are living in the street without a decent meal, housing or  health care. My heart goes out to the asylum seekers.
That said, I only wish our own people could get what they have lucked into. I truly wish that Trudeau’s tunnel vision would somehow allow him to share my point of view!
THE CONDESESENDING CONUMDRUM CALLED PHOENIX PAY: Yes, the horror story without end still lingers on!  A recent Senate Committee report confirms that federal pay advisors are poorly trained, and under staffed. That only promises several more years of suffering and an additional projected $2.2 billion in costs over the next five years. The total projected cost for this failure could easily allow the feds to send a cheque for about $80 for every Canadian; but then, how could they pay us when they can’t even pay themselves 
A systemic cultural problem within the Liberal government where senior civil servants play down bad news to avoid responsibility is rampant! No indication that Trudeau is willing to remove a single fox from the chicken coop as 577,000 outstanding pay requests remain in limbo. No wonder what Trudeau hasn’t rushed to the scene for a selfie with even one of them?   

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