Given one expensive mess after the other in Ontario and B.C. and the blown billions in Ottawa; I doubt it. One would think the repetitive, ubiquitous, oppressing behaviour should be a clue toward failed expectations for the less than 40% of Canadians who voted them into power, which they handle so poorly.  The fact that Liberals love to take from the West to get elected in the East is despicable behaviour at its best. $430 billion of our dollars purchased votes in Quebec since 1957. 

On average; Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, P.EI. and Nova Scotia get about $359 billion a year. 

The West gets about $60 billion with Alberta getting nothing but paying billions into the farcical equalization program. No wonder the west is upset with the jury-rigged oppression and domination vs. the convergent handouts to buy elections at their expense.

The Trudeau government’s hide-rolling antics never cease. They make snap, feel good decisions worth millions of dollars with no thought of the unnecessary  expense created.

 Liberals ordered the Canadian mint to generate new $10 bills to honour Viola Desmond.  Thus millions of dollars went to creating, producing and transporting them. No thought that hundreds of thousands of cash-handling machines were unable to accept them.

They stiffed the money dispensing machine owners for millions of dollars for re-programming. 

 All that, when the good lady could have been better honoured for her deeds by way of a sensible, never ending foundation to help Canada’s needy. And let us not forget the unnecessary $17 million wasted on the $10 bills paraded out for their Canada 150 party. This is not rocket science. 

Another terribly thought out Liberal idea is their pot program. The fact that the cost for dispersing legal supplies is a third higher and short of product well beyond demand, has driven 40% of users to go back to illegal suppliers. So much for eliminating the bad guys.

At the top of the ever growing pile of screw ups are new laws that allow police to charge drivers with impairment two hours after they have driven and without just cause.

A worse abuse of human rights or common sense is hard to contemplate. Defence lawyers are going to rightfully win every case. 

The police and judicial system will be again back-logged to a point where unheard cases will be tossed for lack of timely prosecution as Liberals continue to not appoint the necessary judges.

I’ve mentioned a learned friend of mine before. You may remember his idea about pipelines on right-of-ways. His simple, effective solution to eliminate impaired driving is also worthy of consideration.

 Every new vehicle sold in Canada could be equipped with a device to test for impairment before the ignition can be turned on. Similar devices are already in use. Through attrition, almost every vehicle would be equipped within a decade. The cost would not be prohibitive.  As he mentioned, we have successfully done this with seat belts, headrests and air bags already.  

Ah, but the misguided and ill-advised people guiding the Liberals only acts of simplicity remain lost somewhere out in never never land.

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