If there is something about left wingers that is constant and predictable its their irksome, unbridled  assumption that they know what is best for everyone. Their odious, short-sightedness perpetuates a babel of manipulated insults, given with little thought of the consequences.

They tried to impose their Canadian values on China and the Philippines and rightfully received resounding push back. Their latest attempt to impose their dominating attitude and perspectives on a country was a thoughtless insult directed at the Saudis. 
 They should have contemplated that  the young, spoiled Saudi Prince would throw a tantrum and respond in a manner that would severely hurt Canadians.
Our government’s righteous condemnation using the dexterity of a bull in a China shop, was ill-advised and totally lacked the diplomacy that should have been used to make their point.
True to form, once backed into a corner, the Liberals chose to double down, only to generate a truck load more of reciprocity from the exasperated Arabs. Even a babbling fool would know that what they did allowed the Saudis to transfer some of their guilt back onto Trudeau with vigour.
The mind boggling, astonishing part of this episode is that Canada has and will continue to supply the Arabs with billions of dollars worth of armoured vehicles fully equipped with 105 mm. canons. They are being used by the Arabs to invade two neighbouring countries even destroying a school bus full of children in the process. I guess, for Liberals that’s O.K. if they get a few more votes in Ontario.
No other country has bothered to scold Canada for their deplorable, myriad record of larceny against our Natives, Métis and Eskimos. But Trudeau and his gang conveniently ignore that reality while giving only monotonous lip service and wasted efforts in response to downtrodden Canadians’ adversities!.
So now, the Saudis chose to continue to receive the balance of $15 billion worth of Canadian made war weaponry. They also will continue to transport their oil to Eastern Canadians who think that is somehow better than a pipeline.
The Saudis called home their ambassador and booted the Canadian ambassador from their country. The Saudis are pulling 16,000 university students out of Canada along with 800 medical residents, and even medical patients. They are selling off Canadian investments and ceasing all trade including importing our wheat and barley. Saudi Airlines will no longer fly into Canada.
The situation is guaranteed to get wrathfully worse without any renouncements as the Saudis add further sanctions and Trudeau remains obstinate. 
That no other countries have offered any support, further explains how neurotic and invalid Trudeau’s actions were.
Trudeau has accomplished absolutely nothing toward his aspirations to change the Saudi’s mind about poor treatment of their people. I can only shake my head, knowing how thousands of Canadians are about to suffer for Trudeau’s interposition.
Be sure, Canadians will diligently vote Trudeau and his key advisor; Gerald Butts; the king of trashing governments with horrible advice; out of power next year!

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