Canadians, even with our self-inflicted blemishes, enjoy a multitude of wonderful perks that most of the world can only envy. 

But, as a result, it is our duty to look at the root causes of evil imposed on billions of poor, hopeless souls by ruthless, inimical, self-serving despots throughout our planet.

   We are forced to spend billions of dollars and place thousands of members of our defence forces in harms way to attempt to counter the spread of evil that escalates around us. 

Imagine the good that could be done with all of the personnel, money and equipment, if only it wasn’t required as a deterrent! 

   When we approach these iniquitous tyrants with proposed consequences, they respond by bombarding us with perplexing denials, convoluted, superfluous lies and claims about “our poorly-formed misconceptions.” 

Our compassion subsequently seems to wane, drowned out by the chaotic garble of what they imply and we ultimately yield to their bullying.   

   We must move away from wallowing in our resentment and adhere to our goals to make things right, regardless. Mindlessly trading other people’s plight to enhance our own good must stop.

   If only all of the good nations of the world could pull together, we could and should be able to force some of the offenders to begin to clean up their acts. 

   Enough of countries who use their U.N. vetos against all things good. They should be barred from ever participating in such a dysfunctional farce. They add absolutely nothing to the organization’s already weak efforts to accomplish anything of consequence. 

   Further, Russian invasions should be blocked by a determined, deterrent force of major proportions. China should have economic sanctions or even ignored until they learn how to cooperate and work fairly with the rest of the world. 

   We must stop allowing the Arab countries to continue their brutal purges and behave like spoiled children economically, in exchange for their oil and military base space.  

   African dictatorships need to be eliminated, as should terrorist groups throughout the world. These deranged human beings consider anything less, a sign of weakness and that only encourages more bad behaviour from them. Believe me, there is strength in numbers. Together we stand; divided we fall. Democracy for all must be the ultimate goal.

   Too bad the biggest player of all; the U.S.A., is struggling in a self-made fiasco of their own. It is led by a deplorable struggle between two political parties taking their nation to hell and back. All to suit their own despicable quests for power to in turn, benefit their rich and powerful friends whose lobbying and gigantic donations decide their country’s fate!

   Canada is not much better and in a serious need of real representation for our masses! Hopefully, our M.P’s will do something useful after their six-week Christmas holiday.    

   Spouting meaningless prepared drivel and broken promises is not how to govern a country! For starters, real free votes for every M.P.; you know, like a real democracy. 

   To quote Leslie Nielsen, we’ll known actor , comedian and producer, born in Regina in 1926:  “Doing nothing is very hard to do because you never know when you’re finished.”

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