Our country is suffering a multitude of afflictions that cry out to be addressed by our federal Liberal government. Trudeau remains totally focused on trying to salvage his minority government. He never was able to make any decisions of consequence and his tendency to cut and run is now at an all time high.

As I write this, he is presently hiding in Africa, showering tens of millions of our dollars in every direction in a vain and useless attempt to buy a seat on the useless U.N. Security Council. Even a simpleton can predict that Norway will be the "unlucky" country to win the "prize". No thought of dealing with any of our egalitarian issues. With his usual self-serving eloquence and audacity, he thanked our troops in Kuwait; but failed to mention the thousands of back-logged benefit applications for veterans he created!

The Trans Mountain expansion was, and continues to be bungled and delayed. Trudeau painted himself into a corner, angering everyone. His dithering and delays only make the farce worse. Predictably, the cost has now soared to nearly $13 billion  from just over $7 million. In the interim, one and one half billion dollars of revenue per year were lost. His over regulating with bills C-48 and C-69 has spooked most private companies into fleeing Canada, while hemorrhaging over 100,000 jobs. Trudeau and his weak kneed, incompetent ministers are like deer caught in the headlights, as journalist blast holes in their double-talk!

Not reassuring that Trudeau's federal agencies mishandled more than 5,000 sensitive documents last year. Thirty-eight reported more than twenty incidents per working day! That did not include Global Affairs Canada, who did not report but had reported thousands of such incidents in 2016! So where was, or is, Trudeau? Still not at home and wandering in the backwoods of the world.

Another fiery crash while hauling dangerous goods in Guernsey, garnered a stupid response from Trudeau's transport minister. He ordered such trains to slow down through towns to 32 kms/hour and only 40 kms/hour elsewhere.  A real government would  have ordered the railways to fix the dam tracks, and stop working their employees to a point of exhaustion to better their bottom line. The puncture proof tanks Trudeau approved, did nothing to prevent the carnage. The 1.2 million litres spilled was 5 times more than the Husky pipeline spill in 2016! That is why we need pipelines.

So what has Trudeau done to curb online banking agreements that allow banks and hold customers liable for their losses? Short and sweet, nothing! And Trudeau's highly touted federal rules to protect airline passengers, or compensate them for lengthy delays has created hundreds of victims. The airlines are simply changing the rules to avoid paying the penalties! As an example two  passengers on the same flight experienced the following after a six hour delay. One received $700 for what he was told were "crew delays." The other was told her trip delay was "safety related "and her claim was denied by Air Canada. Another couple who experienced a thirteen hour delay were initially told the issue was "controllable due to crew constraints" and they given meal vouchers. Their claim was later denied and the criteria changed to "safety related " by the airline! Some cranky customers feel so deprived, they are filing in small claims court.

Trudeau and his trained seals, were a week behind the rest of the world in their response to the serious implications of the corona virus. In desperate panic, they rushed to the media microphones daily trying to appear to be doing anything feasible while doing little or nothing! All of the while I'm sure they were disappointed that they could not somehow blame the mess on Conservatives.

These examples of Trudeau's incompetence beg the question; "Is our Liberal government evoking  only lip service while still managing to only look after their rich friends?

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