Trap Club holds training

Sasha Hunt of the Swift Current Trap Club gives some advice to 14-year-old Nicole Clement on the shooting range, May 29.

The Swift Current Trap Club hosted a special event for youth to give them an opportunity to get familiar with using a shotgun and to learn more about the club.

Three youth and their dads attended the event on May 29, which included a barbecue hosted by the club.

All six guests participated in the shoot, and they were able to test their ability to hit clay targets on the shooting range.

This was the first time the Swift Current Trap Club hosted a youth event, and the club is hoping to do it again. Club member Darrell Wiebe said the event was a success.

“We had to see how much interest we'll have,” he mentioned. “We didn't know how much help we would need or how long it would take. ... We had enough guys that you could pretty much have one person with each new shooter, and they get introduced to the club and hopefully they like it.”

The youth who attended the shoot recently completed a hunter safety course offered by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation. Wiebe made a presentation at one of the classes in March, and there was a sign-up sheet for those who were interested in a shoot at the Swift Current Trap Club.

“It's already people that are interested in firearms, they've just finished a hunter safety course, and they go through gun safety and how to safely handle a firearm as well as any hunting laws,” he said. “It's something we want to try and get out to these younger kids.”

Nine students from the hunter safety course actually signed up, but only three were able to make it to this shoot. The club will provide future opportunities to introduce youth and their parents to the club, and their intention is also to approach different youth clubs.

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