Scholarship winners

(Left to right): Darcy Congdon (Stark & Marsh), Ashley Hanson (Business student), Nicole Cloutier (Business student), Mason Smeby (Business student), Cassidy Mehler (Stark & Marsh employee and Great Plains College Alumna).

Great Plains College is thrilled to see its Entrance Scholarship program grow by an additional $10,000 thanks to a renewed commitment from Stark & Marsh CPA LLP. This new two-year agreement will provide $5,000 for the next two academic years (2019-20 and 2020-21) in support of students coming to the Swift Current Campus.  

“Stark & Marsh has been a long-time supporter of the college in many ways, including their generous support of our Entrance Scholarship program,” said Carrie Voysey, director of communications and development at Great Plains College. “We’re proud to offer one of the most competitive scholarship programs in the province, but that is not possible without the continued support from tremendous donors like Stark & Marsh. We’re grateful for their support of our program and of the future students that will be coming through our doors.”  

In the past 10 years, Stark & Marsh CPA LLP has contributed over $70,000 toward Entrance Scholarships at Great Plains College, making them one of the college’s largest and longest-standing donors. Dozens of students in the Administrative Assistant, Business and University programs have benefitted from their generosity over the years.  

Stark & Marsh CPA LLP has also supported the college in many other ways, including sponsorship of college events, attending student networking events and donating their time and expertise for in-class presentations to the Business program students. 

“The college plays a vital role in the growth of our community, helping provide further educational opportunities that ultimately help grow our local labour force and enhance economic development in the region,” said Darcy Congdon, Director of Operations at Stark & Marsh CPA LLP. 

“We’re proud to support the college and its Entrance Scholarship program to help make post-secondary education a little more affordable for so many deserving students.”   

Great Plains College boasts one of the most competitive scholarship programs among regional colleges in the province. Since 2009, more than $2 million has been distributed to students enrolled in full-time student loan-eligible programs.  

For more information about Entrance Scholarships or becoming a donor, visit

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