Lac Pelletier gets new feature

The construction of three micro chalets at Lac Pelletier Regional Park will provide an entirely new camping experience this summer.

These micro chalets will offer an alternative to park visitors who want to enjoy camping at the lake, but are looking for some extra comfort during their stay.

“Sometimes people want to come camping, but they don't like to sleep in a tent or they can't afford a trailer,” Lac Pelletier Regional Park General Manager Don Hornung said. “A couple of the board members have seen these, and we just thought we'll build them and give somebody a different experience of how to go camping.”

They are always looking at ways to attract visitors to the park, and the micro chalets will be an appealing addition to existing camping options.

“There's lots of people that like to come out, and we're running out of tenting sites,” he said. “It just gives them a different place to stay their night.”

These chalets are available during the regular park season from the May long weekend to the middle of September.

According to Hornung there has been a very good response since the announcement of details about the micro chalets on the park’s Facebook page.

“There's a lot of people interested in them already, and we've already got a few people that are probably going to rent them out right away,” he said.

The chalets are located in the core area of the park. They are just south of the Darlings campground near the washroom and bathroom facilities, and also in close proximity to the restaurant and store, the mini golf course and playgrounds, and Darlings beach.

One chalet will provide sleeping for six people and the other two will each accommodate four people. Each one will have a large deck and the amenities include an indoor table and chairs, mini fridge, lights and power outlets, outdoor picnic table, propane barbecue and fire pit. There is an external potable water tap, but no interior plumbing.

The one chalet is already built and in position, and the construction of the other two are nearly completed.

“There's a Hutterite colony that build them,” he said. “They're build off-site and then we move them in, because then they can build them indoors. … Once the snow melts here, we'll get the rest of the decks build and everything, and they'll be all ready to go here by end of May.”

Hornung is looking forward to another great season for the Lac Pelletier Regional Park. The various events will include several golf tournaments, Canada Day celebrations, the Par-tee on the Deck on July 11, a craft and bake sale on July 18, the annual Shake the Lake with live musical entertainment on July 18, a beach party on Aug. 1, the Family Fun Festival on Aug. 15, and a farmer’s market during the summer on Saturdays.

“There's lots to do here,” he said. “There's the swimming and the fishing, and there's a pickleball court here, a nine-hole grass green golf course, and mini golf. So there's lots for people to do once they're here. I highly recommend that people come out here and give us a try and come summer with us.”

The three micro chalets are available for the 2020 season at a rate of $60 per night. Online reservations start on Feb. 19. There is a Book-a-Site link on the Lac Pelletier Regional Park website. For more information, call the park office at 306-627-3595 or send an e-mail to:

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