Important event coming to Maple Creek

Adam Herold 

The Adam Herold Legacy Foundation (AHLF) is bringing its Hockey and Leadership Development Program to Maple Creek this weekend.

The Foundation was established to honour Adam Herold, the youngest player killed in the Humboldt bus accident. Adam, from Montmartre, Sask., was a talented athlete but more importantly, he was always willing to help others to make his community and province a better place.

The Hockey and Leadership Development program provides opportunities to Saskatchewan youth to develop and refine not only their hockey skills, but also their leadership potential. The Foundation provides top trainers for skill development, physical and mental training, coaching development and ongoing support for hockey programs in rural communities. 

While hockey skills are an important part of the program, the camps also focus on teaching players about being leaders in their communities and the importance of helping others and giving back. In fact, all participants are asked to complete volunteer work in their communities as part of the leadership training.

“The Maple Creek/Cypress Hills area was one of Adam’s favourite places to visit, whether we were hunting or enjoying other outdoor activities,” said Russell Herold, Adam’s dad. “It will definitely be sad to be there without him but we’re excited to bring his story and the program to the youth in this part of the province that he loved so much.”

Maple Creek is the third location to host the program this season, following Radville and Naicam. The events are a joint effort between the Foundation and host communities. Communities are responsible for arranging and providing ice and classroom facilities, co-ordinating registration and providing other support as required and the Foundation provides highly qualified coaches, instructors and other resources for the weekend sessions.



“We’ve had to adapt things to comply with Covid regulations but everything has been going smoothly,” Herold said. “We’re looking forward to giving these kids a great experience and hopefully leave them with some new tools to help them make a positive difference in their communities.”

This is the third year for the AHLF Hockey and Leadership program. In 2019-20, the Foundation travelled to Preeceville and Alameda/Torquay. In 2018-19, Balcarres and Gravelbourg played host. One day mini-camps are also held annually in Montmartre at the rink where Adam first learned to skate and fell in love with the game of hockey. 

For more information about the AHLF, visit the Foundation’s website, the Foundation’s Facebook page or contact for more information.

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