Swift Current author holding book launch May 9

Ray Friesen

On May 9, Ray Friesen’s first book, Jump into the Story: The Art of Creative Preaching, will be released at a Book Launch and Signing event at Urban Ground in Swift Current.

Now retired as a pastor, Friesen spent his entire adult life as a preacher. He spent the last 20 years as pastor of two Swift Current and area congregations, serving together with his wife, Sylvia.

The book is the result of the accumulated learning and experience gathered during that long career as a preacher. 

Over the course of his many years as a preacher Friesen became increasingly convinced that each sermon must (1) be the fruit of hard work and study, (2) be relevant to the time and place of its preaching, and (3) capture the imaginations of the listeners. It is #3 that this book seeks to address.

The book is not a “how to” volume, not about the science of creative preaching. Rather, it is about the art of creative preaching. The volume is essentially twenty chapters of examples how preachers might be creative as they serve their congregations. Friesen said: “I hope that as preachers read these sermons, the reading will plant seeds in their minds and imaginations that will grow into creative sermon writing and delivery in their ministry.”

The book is not just for preachers. If you enjoy reading sermons that inspire and capture the imagination, this book is for you, whoever you are.

Join Ray Friesen at Urban Ground on May 9, from 7-9p.m for this event.

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