Rosebud Theatre has once again crafted a season of stories that will excite audiences. 

“Our 2019 Season is filled with stories about people who live life fully," says Rosebud Theatre's Artistic Director, Morris Ertman. "They're the best stories - the ones where living life to the fullest creates drama that gives us everything from laughter to tears to deep and abiding gratefulness for the gift of it all." 

The season is one proclaiming "LIVE LIFE" and the stories and their characters definitely exude that notion of not holding back and enjoying the fulfillment life brings. 

From a national leader to a young boy and his family, here's a peek at what's in store for 2019.

March 29 to May 25-Bright Star

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, literary editor Alice Murphy meets aspiring writer Billy Cane, a young soldier back from WWII. They form a unique connection which sets Alice on a journey into the bittersweet tapestry of her past. Could this be her long-lost son? A bluegrass musical written and composed by comedian Steve Martin, and singer-songwriter Edie Brickell, Bright Star is an epic story of love lost and love reborn. Its unforgettable music will ignite your heart.

June 7 to August 31-The Kite

Daddy Sherry is 111 years old, and the town is planning a surprise birthday party. The CBC has arrived to interview the old coot, but Daddy Sherry doesn’t care. He’s too busy getting even with Mrs. Allerdice’s yappy dog. He’s speaking his mind and there’s nothing anybody can do about it!

Laughs will fly as high as Daddy Sherry’s trapeze on this wild ride with the kookiest kite you will ever meet.

July 5 to August 31-Lilia!

Austrian stage actress Lilia Skala flees the Third Reich, escaping to New York City, where she finds herself working in a zipper factory to make ends meet. But the resilient faith that carried her across the ocean brings her back to her passions— the stage and the silver screen—eventually sharing the Oscar stage with Sydney Poitier for her portrayal of the Mother Superior in Lilies of the Field.

Her granddaughter Libby, who has yet to discover the strength within, goes on a journey of her own as she guides us through the incredible life story of her grandmother.

September 13 to October 19-The Mountaintop

An angel posing as a maid is sent to the hotel room of Martin Luther King, Jr. on the night before his assassination. What transpires is an inspiring look at the frailties and triumphs of two people who have been to the “mountaintop”. The Mountaintop showcases a different side of Martin Luther King, Jr.: a man who is tired, flawed, yet—despite everything—is an inspiration.

November 1 to December 22-A Christmas Story

Christmas is coming and little Ralphie really wants a BB gun. His “Old Man” wins a tacky leg lamp that his Mom is none too happy about. The furnace explodes. And the neighbourhood dogs steal the turkey right out of the oven. It’s a crazy family Christmas where everything that could possibly go wrong, does. Based on the classic film, this throwback 1950’s Christmas comes with all the old-fashioned family fun and fixings. ‘Tis the season to come be entertained by this holiday favourite!

Come experience the magic of live theatre, and let us transport you from the ordinary of everyday life into stories of hope, joy, and forgiveness.To purchase tickets and learn about the Rosebud Theatre season, visit www.rosebud or call 1-800-267-7553.  

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