Heading back in time to explain timeless message

This past weekend at Millar College of the Bible, staff and students presented an original Christmas production entitled, “Maggie’s.” 

There were over 100 cast and crew working hard over the last several weeks to bring this production to life. Over 1,000 guests came for a diner experience at Maggie’s to watch the story of Rob and Tony unfold. 

After Tony, a junior in high school, kills Maggie’s daughter in a drag-racing accident, he struggles to know how to deal with guilt, and how forgiveness could be offered to him. Teenage rival, Rob, whose family is struggling to make ends meet, takes matters into his own hands by stealing from Maggie to financially provide for his family. 

Both struggling with guilt, Maggie shares with each of the teens her own story of the guilt she carried during World War II. 

She helps Tony see that his sins are not too great or too many for God to forgive, and that Rob must rely on Jesus alone to be enough in his family’s situation. Rob, Tony, and Maggie all learn to see that in whatever circumstance, no matter how great the guilt, Jesus is always enough.

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