Expression of Reconcilation

Amanda Scout, Amanda Scout, co-chair of the Lethbridge Reconciliation Advisory Committee (RLAC), shares the winners of the Expression of Reconciliation Contest.

The winners of the first ever Expressions of Reconciliation contest were announced on December 14 at the new Indigenous Space at the Lethbridge Public Library Main Branch.

“Reconciliation is trying to create understanding and better relationships between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People,” Amanda Scout, co-chair of the Lethbridge Reconciliation Advisory Committee (RLAC), said. “We've really concentrated on the organizational side and advising the city and making sure that we're doing things in partnership and it's really great when the community also picks up on it.”

First place and a prize of $350 went to 15-year-old Gabby Hartgerink, a student at Chinook High School, for her entry titled Celebrating Our Differences. place and a prize of $200 went to Byron Anderson, a graduate of the University of Lethbridge, for his piece Modern Day Warrior. Third place and a prize of $150 were awarded to Chinook High School students Katelyn Miller and Kenny Bresson-Adams for their collaborative piece Winds of Change.

“I think there's a message in full of hope in all of these pieces,” Lethbridge Mayor Chris Spearman said. “I think art tends to give people inspiration and when it comes to reconciliation, they also recognize there's a lot that we have yet to do and the message of hope is an important one. It’s a message that people haven't paid enough attention to.”

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