The Canalta Centre team is working hard to provide refunds to our patrons and communicate the necessary information to streamline the process easily and effectively. Please read below for information on postponed or cancelled shows. 

For the following shows: Brad Paisley, Roseanne Barr, Baby Shark ,Cirque Du Soleil: AXEL, and March 14 and 21 Tigers Games: 

If You Purchased by Credit Card 

Refunds for tickets purchased at the Box Office or at Medicine Hat Mall via credit card have been processed. You should see it posted back to your credit card in 3-5 business days. If you purchased through TicketMaster directly, they are working through numerous transactions, and refunds will happen automatically. 

For all of these shows, if you purchased by credit card, refunds will be processed automatically – there is no need to come into the Canalta Centre. 

If you purchased by Cash or Debit Card 

Refunds will be available at the Canalta Centre Box Office during the following times and under the following conditions: 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - Thursday, March 26th 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM 

It will be important to control the numbers at any one time in the Lobby Area. So we have recommended the following times: 

• Tuesday will serve customers with the last names A-G 

• Wednesday will serve customers with the last names H-N 

• Thursday will serve customers with the last names O-Z. 

If there is a crowd of more than 20 people in the lobby, we will hand out numbered tags to reduce people waiting in close proximity. We will have someone monitoring the lobby to ensure we don’t go over 20 patrons at one time. We want to ensure that people have adequate space to maintain critical social distance guidelines. There will be sanitizer available. Please make sure that you do not enter the building if you are on self-isolation, if you have cough / cold symptoms or if you have been near someone that is either sick or under watch. We will make alternate arrangements for you. 


We are working hard with tours to find new dates for shows. Reschedule dates will be announced through our social media when confirmation is available to us. We are eager to get back to a normal pace and provide quality entertainment and experiences to our guests.

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