Racism doesn’t work when it comes to making the world a ‘better’ place. It just doesn’t.

Neither does negative feelings of xenophobia, sectarianism, homophobia, or religiophobia. None of it does. 

It is mentally exhausting watching hate unfold in so many ways. 

We are learning watching traditional and social media, we have to be constantly on guard. Hate this person. Never trust this group. Arm yourself intellectually. Protect yourself with weapons. Never trust anyone who isn’t exactly the same as you. 

Anyone who points to the fact that, for example, one religion or one race is the one which initiated whatever the latest violent uprising or a major attack on a group or individual needs to not only look at all philosophical and religious doctrines throughout history but most importantly look in the mirror.

The absolutely horrible killing of 49 people in a New Zealand mosque is the latest in a long and ever growing list of mass killings which plague the planet. 

Ignore the obvious facts it is cruel, vicious, senseless, and sociopathic, what purpose did these killings serve? Obviously none. It has destroyed the lives of many people; caused turmoil in a normally peaceful country and additional grief to a darker world.

No matter how one looks at it, these mass killings/murders and other acts of terrorism are based on -phobias or -isms, whose roots come down to making a selfish individual choice. It is all about arrogant glory and twisted, self-satisfaction because of some personal belief or religious doctrine.

Too simplistic? Too hopeful? Too naive?

At the end of it all, isn’t peace what we all want? Who really wants to die a violent, painful death or spend the rest of one’s remaining living days living in a imprisoned existence?

We don’t have to have universal agreement on all spiritual practices and may even question its validity compared to one’s own beliefs, but it does come down to a simple respect amongst individuals. Everyone.

All North Americans, Asians, Africans, Europeans.

The wealthy, the middle class, blue collar workers.

Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, new age. 


Whether you believe in the afterlife - heaven, hell, reincarnation  - or it comes down to this… why would anyone want at best feel or only focus on the unpleasant or at worst want to be at the epicentre of physical or mental pain? It makes no sense.

There is serious mental issues out there but these individual and small collective groups whose sole purpose of eliminating target groups is causing the world to descend into chaos.

Simplicity is what we need right now. We aren’t all going to like each other on the surface. Humans are complex creatures and conflicting personalities and ideals are as such there will be dislike amongst people. But the world doesn’t need to have deranged people going into churches, nightclubs and public places trying to showsuperiority and eliminate a target group by killing small representative groups.

None of these acts have eliminated any religious doctrine, political view, sexual orientation or any race. The last time we checked everyone is still here.  

All it has done is hurt innocent family and friends and has deprived the world of these individual and what they could’ve contributed to the world, local and within their own homes.

Too simplistic? Maybe.

What we al need is too look in the damn mirror and decide what is important at the base level. For the sake of humanity it should be love, respect and peace. 

It beats the alternative as New Zealanders are feeling right now.

Ryan Dahlman is the managing editor of Prairie Post East and Prairie Post West

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