Fox Mulder from the X-Files series lived by a saying “The Truth is Out There” and he is right in more ways than he could have imagined.

Dr. Stephen M Greer ( a physician and ufologist has had lots of claims of UFO sightings, encounters etc. His latest documentary “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind; Contact has Begun” released in April 2020 has a stunning 5-star review on Amazon.

Branded as “the most controversial information ever released to the public”, coincidentally the Pentagon released live footage of UFO’s captured by the US Air Force plaster all over the front page of mainstream media. Greer features whistleblowers and scientific experts who claim face to face with extraterrestrial visitors and their message for humanity. While I am not a fan of transcendental meditation, they believe this is helpful in manifesting the encounters. You can check out the movie for free here and draw your own conclusion but I do agree disclosure is closer than we think.

As we enter the final days of the US election, we can expect President Trump to drip some of his promises of the UFO file revelation, the highest classified document in the United States government.

When he wins with a landslide MAGA congress and senate in November, we can expect an avalanche of information starting in 2021. While the X-Files filmed their last episodes in 2018, Mulder’s pursuit of the truth may finally become a reality as “The Best is Yet to Come”! 

Sky watch for the next month: Download this month’s sky free chart at 

1. Crescent Moon & Venus morning- Saturday, August 15th look East for this conjuncture before sunrise. 

2. Jupiter & Saturn Day Shoots- Friday, August 28th before sunset, these two will be close to the Moon so if you have a good scope, you can actually see the rings of Saturn which is a treat!

3. Milky Way Brilliance- This is an excellent month to view our home galaxy without freezing. Best time is after 11:00 pm until dawn. 

4. Annual Perseids Meteor Shower- Runs until August 24th with the peak Wednesday August 12th to Thursday August 13th with estimated rate of 60-100 meteors per hour dampened by the waning crescent Moon. Best view is starting at 11:00 pm facing the NE in the constellation of Perseids until dawn. Check out this viewing guide for details 

Public Events for the next month:

Annual Milky Way Weekend Calgary’s Rothney Observatory near Priddis- Mark down Thursday, August 13th to Saturday 15th from 22:00 to 02:00 am. There will be an array of scopes operated by University of Calgary astronomers. See astronomers in their nature habitat, under dark moonless skies. Late night public observing is a unique opportunity to see deep sky objects such as planetary nebula and globular clusters. You will have the opportunity to look through the telescopes, and astronomers will be on hand to answer questions. For further information, contact Jennifer Howse at, (403) 931-2366. Their website is updated regularly.

Happy meteor shower hunting and keep reaching for the Sky!

Neel Roberts is a local astronomer in Southern Alberta and welcomes your comment at, Tel: (403) 560-6574. Check out his work at

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