On September 17, the Village of Warner held a public meeting to discuss amendments to village bylaws that would  accommodate the federal government's legalization of cannabis.

“Attendance was low and no one from the audience spoke in favor or against the amendments,” said Jon Hood, CAO of the Village of Warner.

The proposed bylaw, Hood says, was termed Number 599-18: Land and Use Bylaw Amendment and came forth in response to the legalization of cannabis by the Federal Government.

“Given the legalization, amendments to the Village of Warner Land Use Bylaw addressing retail cannabis stores and facilities for the production of cannabis are necessary,” Hood said.

Hood says the proposed bylaw's intent is to establish boundaries for retail cannabis stores within the community should one ever establish itself there. The boundaries involved in the proposed bylaw include keeping any cannabis stories 100 meters from hospitals, schools, school and municipal and school reserves; and 100 meters from the village library and Lions Park and Campground.

Another boundary in the proposed bylaw, Hood says, is that there must be at least 150 meters between retail cannabis stores. There must also be at least 100 meters between a cannabis production facility and land containing residences, school, municipal and school reserve.

“The exception to this boundary is if the Development Authority is satisfied that adequate measures and high operational standards are undertaken to minimize nuisance, hazard and noxious effect,” Hood said.

Hood emphasizes it establishes clear standards and requirements for a cannabis production facility to minimize the potential impact on both the community and environment.

For more information on the complete proposed bylaw, visit the Village of Warner office during normal business hours or the Village website:  HYPERLINK "http://www.warner.ca/"www.warner.ca.

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