The first artistic creation to be prominently displayed in the new expansion of the Vulcan Community Health Centre will be the Heritage Wall. 

Target date of completion is the fall of 2020. 

The concept of the Heritage Wall was a vision of the late Donna Graham, our dear friend and colleague to the Board of Trustees for the Vulcan County Health & Wellness Foundation. 

Donna’s goal was to create a visual representation to honor and recognize the contributions of families who were, and are responsible for building Vulcan County throughout the last century. 

The Heritage Wall will be an enlarged photograph, taken by a local photographer. It must be a landscape scene from Vulcan County. We are looking for a photo that represents the heartbeat of this great community. The final result will be a stunning photo, overlaid by glass etched with families’ names who represent the past, present, and future of Vulcan County. We currently have 90 families registered for recognition. 

Should your photograph be chosen, your name will be displayed as the photographer. 

The Heritage Wall will be approximately 6 ft by 8 ft, so this photo must be captured in landscape format, and high resolution. We will accept photos in low resolution for intial submission, to accommodate data space, but final product must be made available for reproduction in high resolution. 

We will be accepting photo submissions through email up to October 7th of 2019. The photos will be directed to a group of community representatives for assistance on the selection process; the Foundation reserves the right for final oversight. Once the selection process is complete, we will create the final mock-up, which will be on display at our Fall Event on November 30, 2019. We are very excited to work with you in the creation of this digital legacy. 

Photos must be forwarded to Gail at the Vulcan County Health & Wellness office. If you have a question or would like more information, please see me at 110 1 Ave S. Vulcan (Rainbow Literacy Building), or call 403-485-3147. Email your submissions to

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