Since Premier Kenney declared a state of emergency for Alberta, the Town of Raymond has enacted several measures. These measures were announced in a notice distributed via social media on March 16.

The Town Shop, Raymond Public Library, Broadway Theatre, the Community Centre, Raymond Seniors Centre, Raymond Museum, and VSP Fitness have been closed to the public until further notice. Although the Town Office will remain open, it will be closed to the public and open only by phone during business hours.

“We do not have an anticipation of any timeline on re-openings just yet,” Greg Robinson, Director Community Development and Human Resources for the Town of Raymond, says. “We are following the provinces recommendations to the letter. Most of our businesses are adapting well, but it is really early yet. The impact of COVID-19 will likely be felt much later for them.”

Robinson says that in times of crisis or state of emergency, if a business closes temporarily only 1 in 4 will re-open. The Town, however, will be reaching out to them the to see what their needs are and how they can provide help. The Raymond Chamber of Commerce is also working with them closely on the same approach, Robinson says.

Town Council Meetings will also continue as scheduled, but public participation will be limited. Those who want to attend the meetings will first need to call the Town Office to RSVP and get a self-assessment form. Completion of the self-assessment form, the notice says, is required before being granted entry into the meeting. According to the notice, those who are visiting from or who have been to mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Iran, Seattle, San Francisco, or Florida or are in the same household as people who have travelled there are asked to remain away from local events for 14 days starting from date of return. This also applies to those who had layovers in those areas or who were on a cruise that included those ports.

The notice also indicates that anyone who develops flu-like or respiratory symptoms should call 8-1-1 Health link for further instructions. Everyone who visits the Town Office, according to the notice, should conduct a self-assessment each day before reporting to work to ensure that they are not ill.

“Officially, we are following the province on this as they are the lead organization on matters of public health,” Robinson says. “We are working with the various groups and agencies in and out of town. Our Director of Emergency Management is monitoring the situation very closely and is doing a great job in directing how the town moves forward.”

For more information or for a self-assessment form, call the Town of Raymond Office at 403-752-3322.

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