Community celebration

The community hall was full to celebrate an important anniversary.

On the evening of November 9, the community of celebrated their fundraising efforts.

“We as a community found different ways to raise enough funds to replace the Shaughnessy Community Hall roof after 17 years of it leaking and only having enough money to patch it over the years,” Randy Ruaben of Shaugnessy said.

Ruaben says that the renovations were made possible with a $15,000.00 grant from the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southern Alberta; a $40,507.00 grant from the Community Facility Enhancement Program; $3,000 in donations from Friends of the Picture Butte Municipal Library; $2,000 from the Blue Ridge Mountain Music Society; and $10,000 from the Picture Butte Lions Club.

The celebratory evening, Ruaben said, started off with over 100 in attendance enjoying a delicious roast beef supper and home baked carrot carrot cake for dessert. 

“The supper went over very well and we heard nothing but good comments about the meal,” Ruaben said.

Once dinner was completed, Ruaben said, she and Dorothy Garrett presented a plaque with all the grants and donations listed, thanking them all for their generosity and support for the roof replacement. 

“Without their generous support we would be unable to have our new roof,” Ruaben said.

The next part of the fun evening, Ruaben said, began with a live auction, which was packed and full of entertainment and lots of donated merchandise was auctioned off by volunteer auctioneers.

”Even thou the weather turned bad, we had a really good turnout,” Ruaben said. “Through the auction and supper, we raised $9775.00. The auction is always a lot of fun; we always love to hear the cheering certain individuals make after they have won the bid.”

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