Prairie Rose School Division trustees held their organizational meeting prior to their regular board meeting Sept. 11.

Trustee Cathy Hogg nominated Stuart Angle for the position of board chair and no further nominations were received. Angle accepted and will continue with his role as chair.
Angle, who represents the public schools in Bow Island and Burdett, was first elected to the PRSD board in 2007.
Trustee Arnold Frank nominated Graeme Dennis for the position of vice-chair. Cathy Hogg was also nominated, but declined. Graeme Dennis, who represents Seven Persons, was first elected in 2004.
Trustees were also elected to various committees. Listed below are the unofficial results:
ASBA- Zone 6 executive: Arnold Frank
ASBA alternate: Stuart Angle
PSBAA- council member: Pam Cursons
PSBAA alternate: Lois Bedwell
TEBA representative: Stuart Angle
Rural Caucus representative: Stuart Angle
Regular board meeting
It was a light agenda at the Prairie Rose School Division regular board meeting that followed their organizational meeting at central office on Sept 11.
Deputy superintendent Kal Koch provided board trustees with an update on staffing issues, with most vacancies filled by the start of the school year.
Several probationary positions that became open at the end of June have been filled, as have two administrative positions. Ten changes were made for support staffing, but Koch indicated that the number is not unusual.
"Support staffing is fairly fluid and it changes quite a bit," Koch told trustees. "The hiring this year went fairly smooth."
Communications coordinator Angela Baron presented the board with her accountability report, which included an overview of the communications department and FOIP (Freedom of Information and Privacy).
Baron said the primary role of the communications department is to "provide staff, parents, students, and stakeholders with relevant and up-to-date information and engagement.
Communication is relayed through newsletters, social media, media reporting, School Messenger, classroom communication apps., blogs, email, and advertising.
Baron stressed the importance of having visual content emphasized for online communications.  As well, all schools with the exception of Beyond Walls, have new websites, a task that was completed over the summer months.
Baron also helps monitor and support 22 Facebook pages (all schools, Division office, Kaleidoscope, EBHS auction), 14 Twitter accounts, and two Instagram accounts.
Future planning for the communications department includes continued use of social media as the primary method of communication with stakeholders, software implementation, and external communications which will include a digital marketing sign being set up along the Trans Canada Highway.

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