In December 2018, Milk River Medical Clinic purchased an Emergency Department Echosonography (EDE) Machine.

Priced at $50,000, this basic portable ultrasound system is now in use by both the Milk River Medical Clinic and the hospital’s emergency department.

According to Dr. Pieter Krog of the Milk River Medical Clinic, the machine will improve point of care contact and point of care contact will enhance early detection of diagnoses.

“79% of students can detect fluid around the heart with this equipment where only 49% of seasoned cardiologists can detect fluid with a stethoscope,” Dr. Krog says. “The fluid around the heart has to be 100ml for a physician to detect with a stethoscope and this equipment can detect 20ml around the heart.”

The physicians saw a need to have such a machine here to help with an initial sensitive diagnosis.

The equipment, Dr. Krog says, can detect medical issues much quicker and allow for much earlier intervention and potential improved patient outcomes.

“Bedside echosonography can also assist the emergency physician and the critical care physician in the diagnosis of massive pulmonary embolism and abdominal aortic aneurysm,” Dr. Krog says. “The direct visualization can help the ED physician accelerate medical intensive care consultation, therapy and urgent surgical consultation.”

 “A huge benefit of the EDE  is that it can be used for patients of all ages, saving emergency trips to Lethbridge for tests, we will be able to start helping patients immediately,” Dr. Krog emphasizes. “The machine also gives us the ability to have diagnoses to send with patients to specialists so that further testing can be promptly done if needed.”

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