Students at Bow Island and Foremost schools have been learning the valuable lesson of giving in the weeks leading up to Christmas. From collecting food items to the local food bank, paying a loonie to wear their caps for a day, to tossing teddy bears at a sporting event, the students have been taking part in some unique activities as they give back to their communities in small, but substantial ways. 

At Bow Island’s Senator Gershaw School, the students have been participating in several activities including Caps or Causes, a monthly activity that has been taking place since the start of the school year. This fundraiser, held one Tuesday each month, allows students to wear their caps to school for a price…one dollar. 

It’s an event held at the school every year, explained educational assistant, Karen Byam. 

“This year, all of the donations will be going to the Children’s Hospital in Calgary. A past student who has a brain tumour will undergo his seventh surgery in the new year and we decided that this is where the money would go,” she said. 

Students have been collecting food items, as well as toques and scarves, for Bow Island’s annual Joy of Giving campaign. Students collected items at their junior and senior high dance and at the school where food items were collected in each classroom. When 10 items were collected, the classroom received a gold ticket and the items put into a milk crate. All the milk crates got connected to form a train at the school’s Christmas tree. 

It’s the second year holding the event. 

“Last year, it was a huge success and the train had 12 milk crates, so we wanted to do it again this year,” said Byam.

SGS also has a Tree for the SPCA where items are collected for pets and a Teddy Bear toss at the SGS basketball game on Dec. 16.

Down the road at Foremost School, students have been working to fill a GMC Yukon owned by educational assistant Joyce Williams with food items for the Bow Island and District Food Bank. 

As of last week, they had gathered enough food to fill about one-quarter of the Yukon, but educational assistant Regina DeGagne said there would be a big push during the school’s Christmas concert on Dec. 19, when the Yukon will get filled. Items for the fundraiser were also collected during the school’s basketball games.

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