MS Walk goes May 30

The Jayman Built MS Walk in Medicine Hat goes May 30. Due to pandemic regulations and restrictions there is no actual gathering of participants who are trying to raise funds for the fight against multiple sclerosis.

Participant, a council member of the Medicine Hat chapter of the MS Society and MS Walk spokesperson Merrillee Tweedie says she was really happy with what had been raised so far. 

As of earlier this week, the Medicine Hat’s MS Walk had so far raised nearly $12,000 of the $16,000 goal. There are 27 walkers with many of them part of six teams officially registered. Tweedie said participants can video themselves, TikTok or photograph alone or with others. She says the people behind the scenes who do the organizing of the event and nationally how the website was arranged and put together was done quite well. 

The teams that are involved are teams that have been involved as long as I have in Medicine Hat. “Knowing that connection is strong as long and as deep as mine,” explains Tweedie. “Last year, was a here we go quick. We were planning for a normal walk and then we switched to virtual. It is a lot smoother this year.

“I know one team Jamie’s Gang, they are a very tight team. Are they going to get together? No, because they can’t, but are they going to walk together separately… maybe in the same park…it is going to be different. You are out there walk and you are making sure you are aware of it. The MS Society and the Jayman MS Walk is quite a large fundraiser for the MS Society, it is not something that we want to have stopped (by the pandemic) so we are going virtual. Actually last year we connected coast to coast. I was able to watch somebody fro Nova Scotia riding their horse for the virtual walk as opposed to walking. It is however you interpret making it a fun event.

“Last year it engaged more people. It is usually around May 8 when we get together to walk. Now it’s May 30. Some people videoed their videos and posted them…”

Tweedie says she has been walking it for a while but has never videotaped but this year she plans on photographing it this year.  

The MS Society will be looking for some help as this is one of their main fundraisers due to COVID-19.

“It’s just be more inventive to raise money,” says Tweedie both as a participant of the Walk or just as a chapter as a whole. She says money is tight for everyone and especially for charities. “We are not the only ones hurting in this environment; it is just recognizing that everybody is in the same team and we are doing our best. We are all suffering including the charities. Just making sure everyone knows there is different ways to donate.”

For more information on the Walk or to register, please contact: 1-888-822-8467 or email

Also please visit the website to register:

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