Eagle Butte High School principal, Mark Heinricks opened the Nov. 5 Prairie Rose School Division trustee meeting with an overview of the school’s TAG (Teacher Advisory Group) program and an update on its modernization project.

Heinrichs told trustees that rather than do lesson work for this year’s TAG program, they opted to have the students participate in “One School, One Book”, an initiative where all students read the same book. To avoid overlapping what the students learn in their Language Arts classes, the objective for TAG remained on building relationships.

“The focus in TAG is always about building relationships and we did research about what we could do,” he said. “Reading enhances relationships and deepens our understanding of ourselves.”

They chose the book, “A Dog’s Purpose” which teachers read over the summer and then held a Skype session with author Bruce Cameron.

Cameron Skyped again with the school when an assembly was held to announce the plans for the TAG programming for the year. A couple of dogs were brought in and Redcliff Bakery provided dog bone shaped cookies for the students.

The students read one chapter a week with teachers, guests, and students all participating in reading to the students.

The time period for the activity gives students some down-time from their busy day, Heinricks told trustees.

They will have finished the book at the end of May when a movie night, featuring the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” will be shown.

Heinricks also provided trustees with an update on the modernization project that is still ongoing at the school

“There have been some mechanical issues, but we do have heating now,” he said.

He also indicated that the front area is opened up, the Science area will be open in the second semester and the gym floor will be done in June.

“Everything is on track in a really good way,” he said.

Accountability Pillar Report

Superintendent Roger Clarke provided information on the latest accountability pillar, noting that PRSD high school completion rate is at 85 percent, slightly above the three-year average.

Student Services Accountability Report

Camille Quinton, director of inclusion services presented an update on her department, focusing on the Regional Collaborative Services Delivery (RCSD), a program that allows PRSD and neighbouring school divisions to share access to services such as speech, language, occupational therapy, social emotional, blind and vision impaired.

Quinton said that despite a $14,000 difference in last year’s budget, they were able to maintain services.

RCSD is a provincial initiative led by Alberta Education and in partnership with Alberta Health Services, Alberta Children’s Services, and Alberta Community and Social Services.

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