GoFundMe page set up

Keniesha, Lenroy and Kirby Smith

A GoFundMe page called: Love for Lenroy was started by Mandy Day.

It is for an Oyen family with not one, but two serious health battles. Lenroy Smith, 3, is fighting for his life after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour while his father, a volunteer firefighter - has just received news that his prostate cancer is back,

In one day, nearly $7,000 has been raised for the family with numerous contributions from in and around the area listed. 

According to a news release, Lenroy Smith was a miracle baby. He was never supposed to have been born. His parents, Kirby and Keniesha were told they couldn’t have children. Now at age 3, he’s fighting for his life because of an inoperable brain tumour. 

On December 1st, 2019, Lenroy was taken to the Emergency Room as he had been complaining of a serious stomach ache. He then became unresponsive and started to have seizures. The doctor on call was uncertain as why this was happening, so the PICU team from the Alberta Children's Hospital had to be called in. Lenroy was then placed in an induced coma in order to stop the seizures, as well as for transport.  He was air lifted to the Alberta Children's Hospital while Kirby and Keniesha drove 3.5 hours from our hometown to the hospital in Calgary. 

Upon arrival they learned that Lenroy was in the ICU unit and a CT scan showed that there was a brain tumor resting on his pituitary gland. An MRI later showed the seriousness of his condition and a tube was surgically implanted in his brain to drain some of the fluid and reduce the pressure (the tumour consists of 2 parts, a jelly sack and a hard section).  As his tumour is on his pituitary gland, it will cause more harm to try to remove it than to surgically drain it. As a result, Lenroy will have to live with this tumour, take serious hormone replacement medicine  and have multiple operations on his head annually,  for the rest of his life.  

This alone, is devastating - but the Smith family is was dealt another blow in January of  2020. Kirby, who had just recovered from prostrate cancer surgery in June of 2019, received news that his cancer levels (PSA) were rising and he will require 33 radiation treatments. 

His treatment plan will be 33 treatments running 1 treatment per day Monday – Friday over a course of 7 weeks in Calgary, Alberta at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. This means that he will be away from home, unavailable to work and support the fluctuating health of his 3 year old son as well as Keniesha, who suffers from high blood pressure.

If ever there were a family worthy of your support, financial or otherwise, it would be the Smith family. Kirby is a hardworking volunteer firefighter and member of the Royal Canadian Legion. Kirby and Keniesha are originally from Jamaica and have brightened our small community with their love and laughter. Keniesha has recently lost the funding required to keep her employed at her job due to government cutbacks and is actively seeking employment at this time. She has been active in our communities early childhood education programs and schools. 

"Lenroy and Kirby are fighting for their lives every day and the family has exhausted their savings. They have a long road ahead and it will be costly." 

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