The Christmas celebrations may be smaller this year due to the pandemic, but the risk for impaired driving remains. MADD Canada is urging Canadians to do their part to keep roads safe over the holidays by driving sober, or arranging a sober ride home if they are going to be consuming alcohol, cannabis or other drugs.

“This will be the 7th Christmas my family will spend without my brother, D.J., who was killed by an impaired driver in 2014,” said MADD Canada National President Jaymie-Lyne Hancock. “His death, and all the deaths and injuries caused by impairment-related crashes, did not have to happen. Impaired driving is entirely preventable if everyone makes the right choice and leaves the driving to someone sober.”

Every year, hundreds of Canadians are killed and tens of thousands are injured in crashes involving alcohol and/or drugs. MADD Canada is asking everyone to keep one another safe on the roads this holiday season by:

•Never driving impaired. Plan ahead for a sober ride home — book an Uber, call a cab, take public transit or arrange a designated driver.

•Never riding with drivers who are impaired by alcohol, cannabis or other drugs.

•Calling 911 if you see a driver you suspect is impaired. 

“Planning ahead for a sober ride only takes a few minutes of your time, and it can spare you, your family and countless others a lifetime of grief and heartache,” Ms. Hancock said.

Those looking for a safe, sober and reliable ride home at the push of a button can check out Uber, MADD Canada’s Official Designated Driver App. Visit for information.

MADD Canada is currently in the midst of its Project Red Ribbon campaign to promote safe and sober driving during the holidays. Red ribbons and car decals are available through the MADD Canada website at, Chapters and Community Leaders, and participating sponsor outlets. Anyone who wishes to support Project Red Ribbon with a donation can do so online through the website, by calling 1-800-665-6233 or by texting “RIBBON” to 45678 (a one-time $10 donation is added to the donor’s cell phone bill and payable to his or her service provider).

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