de Graaf will be featured July 3

Gifted performer Lauren de Graaf will be on Rosebud’s July 3 Homestage Tour.

Those who have been watching the Rosebud Centre of the Arts’ virtual Homestage Tour have been treated to some amazing performances and July 3 will be no different.

Lauren de Graaf, Rosebud School of the Arts alumnus and featured in Rosebud Theatre performer productions, will be hosting the July 3 Homestage Tour.

She is living in Calgary and those watching her on her Facebook page know that she does some performances with a message. 

She is excited about her opportunity after Rosebud’s Lauren Hamm and de Graaf’s longtime friend had asked her.

“It was such a pleasant surprise and how could I say no?” explains de Graaf. “COVID-19 has really affected the arts and I think it’s really exciting and shows the resiliency of a company when they think outside the box and find a way to still reach the patrons they can’t see in person during this time. I want to be a part of it because of this, but also because though I don’t always get out there, Rosebud will always be a special place for me.”

de Graaf will be on the Homestage Tour’s Facebook page between a probably 30-60 minutes.

de Graaf says that her and Hamm used to play a lot of music together so there was no need to over explain. 

“I understood what was expected,” says the gifted performer. “I plan on performing some songs that everybody love while telling some shorts stories about what they mean to me and tie in some memories that I have from my time Rosebud.

“I do tend to think for the week what needs to be said or what would be appropriate for even my friends to listen to and what’s going on in their lives. But the Spirit has really moved me and inspired me to sing certain songs that I hadn’t really planned and then I’ve gotten so many comments of “That was exactly what I needed to hear today!” God is so good. So it’s not me at all, it’s the good Lord’s leading.”

Since her time with Rosebud ended, she has not got back too much to visit, but is aware of what is going on there. She says her time had Rosebud ensured her connectedness to people and her current education/career path is “about people.” She is pursuing a Masters of Occupational Therapy

“I’m going to take a rehabilitation programme at SAIT first but I’m just working at a lumber store right now and it’s exactly where I’m needed,” says de Graaf. “I even use all my skills from Rosebud there too because it’s all about taking care of people. That’s my calling.”

She still plays music whenever she can. Admittedly she wondered if she would or should play music and perform. She says God helped lead her and she is performing a lot and hopes to in the future. In fact, she would love to get an old Rosebud production she had done with well respected performer Kelsey Grogman off the ground someday. It is a story about June Carter Cash and her mother Maybelle Carter.

“There was a time where I didn’t think I would play music anymore but I surrendered it fully and God has blessed me so much with more music than I had ever hoped,” she says. “I would love to remount Wildwood Fire one day in the future! I will follow the Lord’s leading on that cause often His timing is very different than mine.” 

The July 3 Homestage Tour will start at noon. Visit for more.

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