The sky's the limit for Neubauer

Logan Neubauer tests out the flight simulator at Super T Aviation during the official launch of the Dave Rozdeba South Alberta Flight Academy on May 15.

It was no coincidence Logan Neubauer was chosen to be part of the recent launch of the Dave Rozdeba South Alberta Flight Academy. 
The Gr. 9 Seven Persons student expressed keen interest when Eagle Butte High School teacher Darren MacMillan visited Seven Persons to talk about the flight academy to future EBHS students.
“We had Mr. MacMillan come out to our school and he must have noticed that I have an interest in aviation,” said Neubauer, whose interest in flying goes back to the tender age of four when he watched the movie Gun for the first time. 
He has also been persuasive in having his parents take him to the Air Show in Lethbridge where he could watch the impressive Royal Canadian Air Force Snow Birds in action. 
“To see those aircraft in action was really something to see,” he said.
These days, his passion for aviation has grown and he can’t count how many times he has watched the flying scenes from Top Gun and his dream is still to get his pilot’s licence. As he has grown, his dream has expanded to become an aeronautical engineer and then apply to the Canadian Air Force.
Neubauer joined the 15 Royal Canadian Air Cadets in Medicine Hat last year and through them, has participated in numerous aviation-related courses.
“We have our Parade Night and classes on Mondays, then training and ground school on Wednesdays and there are also sports programs that I take part in. It’s a great organization,” said Neubauer.
This summer, he will be attending an Advanced Aerospace Scholarship course in Saint-Jean, Quebec. In order to be accepted to the program, Neubauer first was interviewed and had to submit an application, which he did through Air Cadets.
It’s no wonder he is just a little excited to have a flight academy come to PRSD and to be a part of its launch. 
“That was an incredible opportunity to be a part of. It’s really something,” he said. “I absolutely will be going to the flight academy and I can’t wait. I can pursue my dream and a lot of people do not have that opportunity right in their face like I have. It’s incredible for the youth in this area. In the U.S., you have to apply to private academies and hope you get accepted.”

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