'Fire Restriction' may be re-impemented

Due to the recent cooler weather and precipitation, Lethbridge County is lifting the Fire Restriction that was issued in August.  

Fire permits are once again being issued and are required for most burning activities.  Permits are free of charge and can be applied for online at https://lethcounty.ca/p/fire-permits or on the Lethbridge County app.  They can also be obtained at the Lethbridge administration office (#100, 905 4 Avenue S.).  Masks must be worn in the Lethbridge office due to current provincial COVID-19 measures.

Fire permit holders may burn the following items:

•Paper products

•Untreated wood (wood or wood products that do not contain preservatives)

•Yard waste (grass/tree clippings, leaves, branches, fallen trees, brush, weeds, etc.)

•Straw and stubble

These items cannot be burned, even with a fire permit:

•Wood or wood products that contain preservatives

•Plastic (including silage plastic, grain bags, and baler twine, but these can be recycled at the Iron Springs Transfer Station: https://lethcounty.ca/p/recycling)

•Rubber (including tires)

•Animal manure or cadavers

•Waste material from construction sites (untreated wood is permitted)

•Pathological waste

•Containers that have held chemicals or pesticides


If you are unsure if you require a permit, please visit https://lethcounty.ca/p/fire-permits or call 403-328-5525.  

Should conditions change, Lethbridge County may impose a Fire Advisory, Restriction, or Ban at any time.  Before burning, always check our website (https://lethcounty.ca/p/fire-bans) to ensure there are no restrictions in place. 

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