Federal party wants to represent the Wes's interests

Jay Hill, Interim Leader of the western-based Maverick Party announced the party’s policy platform today. “This platform will guide our candidates, our future engagement with voters and industry, and ultimately our Members of Parliament” Hill said. 

Hill stated, “With the philosophical merging of the Conservative and Liberal Parties on a number of issues, most notably, a carbon tax and carbon pricing mechanism, Western Canadians are looking for true federal representation; MPs who will defend the West’s best interests, stay true to their values, and earn and keep their voters trust.” 

Hill added, “With our primary goal of achieving greater autonomy for the West, these Maverick Party policies reflect what is best for the West, without compromise or any attempt or need to appease voters in Central and Eastern Canada.” 

Maverick Party says it will always embody "True Western Representation." 

Maverick Party's Policy Platform will be voted upon and ratified by their members at an inaugural Party AGM and Policy Convention. 

This draft policy platform is a compilation of input and feedback from our members, supporters, EDA Presidents and Board Directors, candidates, interim Party Board and Leader, industry and constitutional experts, the Alberta Fair Deal panel, and extensive research into best practices that will enable the West to reach its full potential. 

Maverick Party currently has 25 active Electoral District Associations (EDAs), and 6 candidates appointed at the request of their EDA President and Board of Directors. 

To view the Maverick Party Draft Policy Platform, please refer to www.maverickparty.ca/policy-platform 

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