Old Rodeo Grounds has a lot of memories

The Old Rodeo Grounds hosted many events including the Brooks Pro Rodeo as well the Medieval Faire including Western Canada's largest Medieval Armoured Combat Tournament and jousting.

 The City of Brooks is conducting a survey in regards to what will be done with the old rodeo grounds.

Initially, the Brooks had put out a request for proposals from Developers, intending to use the space for mixed-use development, with both commercial and residential elements.

“We only received a couple proposals, all of  which were not really what was intended from the request for proposals,” said Alicia Bartlette, Manager of Planning and Engineering for the City of Brooks.  “This is the reason that Council decided to take another approach and ask the citizens of Brooks what they would like to see in this location.”

The City has received many respondents to surveys in the past, and Bartlette believes that this one will allow them to get a clear look at what Citizens would like to be done with the previously popular event site. 

“We decided to use an online survey in this instance to try and get the opinion of as much of the public as possible. We’re having an open house on July 20th from 4 to 7 pm in the Flex Hall at the JBS Canada Centre,” said Bartlette. 

Questions include what the land should be used for, as well as specifics such as the type of residences, recreation spaces or businesses that should be present. Even design inquiries are present like the use of landscaping in parking lots, allowing for a high level of resident feedback.

Once the survey and the open house have both concluded, the information will be brought before the Mayor and Council and the City will make a decision on how it will proceed regarding the development of the site, said Bartlette. 

All information regarding the survey and this project can be found on the City of Brooks website under News and Events, including a link to the survey itself. Paper versions of the survey can also be obtained at City Hall at this time, and the completed surveys must be returned by August 6th in order to be considered.

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