Major announcement at Galt

 A photo of Susan Burrows-Johnson speaking with a donor in the Galt’s Discover Hall.

After thirteen years, Susan Burrows-Johnson is retiring from her position as CEO/Executive Director of the Galt Museum & Archives and Fort Whoop-Up. It was announced March 26.

 Burrows-Johnson took over the leadership position at the Galt Museum & Archives shortly after the new expansion to the museum was completed in 2006. During her time the museum’s attendance and impact on the community grew, and it expanded to fill a greater role in the local and regional tourism industry. 

“My term has been exciting and satisfying,” says Burrows-Johnson. ”The team at the Galt has done some extraordinary work as we sought to increase our service and public value to this region. We have doubled our service to the community in programming and education, increased our foot traffic by 40 percent at the museum, tripled our membership, and took on the work of Fort Whoop-Up. We reopened the Fort and have succeeded in double-digit growth in visitor traffic for the last three seasons.”

 Other recent initiatives supported by Burrows-Johnson include leadership on reconciliation, Indigenous history and Blackfoot language learning. “I am proud that our community trusts us and believes that a museum is an important part of Lethbridge. I am proud that the team at the Galt Museum & Archives and Fort Whoop-Up believes in continuous improvement and community service.”

The Board of Directors of the Galt Museum & Archives and Fort Whoop-Up have bene conducting a search for a new individual to fill the position of CEO/Executive Director and will complete that process soon.

 “During the current closure, Galt/Fort staff are focusing on digital services, deep cleans, and preparation of exhibits and programs,” said Burrows-Johnson. “We have had some lay-offs and put seasonal hires on hold”

“I am sad to leave but it is time for someone new.” Burrows-Johnson also expressed trust in the staff who remain with the institution as she leaves. “The history and the treasures of the City of Lethbridge are in good hands.”

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