Rec Board needs some youth input

Randi McPhillips Recreation Services manager with the City of Brooks is looking for some help on the recreation and parks board. There’s one major qualification: you must be youth-aged.It is an advisory Board - providing recommendations to City Council on direction for Recreation and Parks programs and services in the City of Brooks.

McPhillips is looking for some youth perspective not he board and so the young people of the city are represented. She indicates the age range would be 16 - 18 years old. She would like it to “be someone who is active and involved with sports, or has an interest in recreation and/or parks in general,” or even just a desire to get more involved with the community. 

“It is a volunteer position on the Brooks and District Recreation and Parks Board. The Board meets on the third Wednesday of the month, meetings usually last between 1 to 2 hours,” explains McPhillips. “There are two subcommittees that Board members sit on as well - the indoors committee (dealing with the indoor recreation facilities) and the outdoors committee (such as) dealing with parks, pathways, sport fields, other outdoor recreation amenities.”

“They might meet a few times a year each, outside of the regular Board meetings.  Board members usually choose one of the two subcommittees to be a part of, although we do have a couple that sit on both - which is fine too.”

McPhillips here isn't a deadline, but I think the Board would like to have that position filled (hopefully) after their next meeting November 18th.  Any applications received will be presented to the Board at that meeting.  The Board then reviews all of the applications and will pass a motion to recommend one of the applicants to City Council for appointment.  They would be appointed at the following regular Council meeting.

Anyone who is interested can call her at 403-362-322 or send McPhillips an email at and she will send them an application form.

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