Bennett showcasing last of the trilogy

It's done. After starting her writing journey five years ago the third installment of The Everlasting Trilogy is now ready be unleashed on the public and Medicine Hat author Virginia Bennett couldn't be happier or prouder.

Bennett is celebrating the impressive achievement by having a book launch July 4 starting at 7 p.m. at the Medicine Hat Public Library with refreshments served.

The trilogy is set in the future and told through the main male character Phoenix with an array of main characters Grey, Delphine and Gem as they fight a battle against Caine's army. 

The story centres around those relationships amongst the friends and how they are able to cope.

The first two books (Everlast, Liberty) lead to the set up to a climactic ending in this third book which Bennett believes will leave readers satisfied. She says the last one took a while, not because it was hard to finish because of running of ideas, but wanted to be thorough;y sure she gave the readers the best possible product. Good storylines, quality character development and solid writing to back it up, putting her education degree and ten years of teaching in the school system to good use.

"I wanted to give them a good story, but I wanted to be sure," explains Bennett. "If you capture them at the start and your characters are dynamic enough and relatable, they will follow."

Bennett says that books sales for the first two went pretty well and her third book had many people asking when the next one was coming.

She is very passionate about writing and when talking to her, her face lights up describing the process. 

"Writing is a career that is something that you have to believe in yourself because (not a lot of people) will," explains Bennett who says there are some people who still had a condescending attitude towards full time writing. "People want to see something tangible (i.e. a traditional career or employment.

"Writing can't stop. I had to hear my voice. A writer has to embrace their voice and constantly prove their passion."

Bennett explains her biggest fan and honest critic — her sister — told Bennett to finish the book. Because Bennett herself didn't want to have a less than satisfying end to the Everlast series so she did a lot of research on what readers want. What critics are looking at in regards to good writing, storylines and character development. 

She had a lot of focus and determination with writing the last one and couple with yet another impressive cover by Roger Williamson, Bennett is anxious to see what the public thinks. 

Although the books are most popular with the younger adults and teenagers, many can get into the series. 

The question is now, will Bennett write anymore? If you go by a forward prior to Chapter 1, "sometimes the end is only the beginning" which can be applied to a lot of aspects of life, 

She says she is already going hard on more writing 

You can get a hold of Bennett through her website at as well as her Facebook page.

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